1) Let go

Drop the ‘idea’ that you’re “somebody” with a “life” and that you need to be in control. Phew! Adopt the attitude of the ‘Zen Dog’ on his raft. “He knows not where he’s going, for the ocean will decide – it’s not the destination...It’s the glory of the ride”

2) Take time out

Take time twice a day (maybe only 10 minutes) to “Be” with yourself. Doing nothing is hard – we’re not used to it - so don’t torture yourself. Do something simple. Take a walk and look at what’s around you. Look, smell, taste, listen and feel. Enjoy the fact that you can experience the world through your senses and be at “One” with your self and the world.

3) Break the rules

Do something different and see how it feels. Eat the things you thought you hated. Spend time with someone you thought you didn’t like and take a right when you normally take a left. Be free of your own mind, your judgements and your rules.

4) Return to love

Avoid the habit of judging everything through your mind and its dogged habit of taking everything, and filing it as either “good” or “bad”. Look at - and love - your self, your life, your friends and family - like you would if you visited a natural landscape. Accept it all – exactly as it is.

5) Be accepting

Know that there is nothing wrong or right about you. You are who you are, warts ‘n all, and that everything is just the way it is. In this calm and accepting place of the present moment, miracles occur naturally, and effortlessly flood our world with love.

Everything You Need You Have: How To Be at Home in Your Self by Gerad Kite is out now, Short Books £9.99