It's week two of our #WiseWords series, in which therapists share with us the books they recommend to their clients, or find specially powerful on the subject of therapy or wellbeing. This week's selection is by integrative counsellor Emma Brooke Gilding, who is based in North Wales.

The New Codependency - Melody Beattie

I think we probably all have a little codependency in us, yet it’s such a dirty word in today’s society. Melody provides very practical steps, including an ‘Are you codependent?’ quiz, to help you identify where you might be codependent, and how to increase your independence to allow yourself to become secure and happy.

Spirit Junkie - Gabrielle Bernstein

Probably one of my personal favourites, this is a great introduction into concepts like the Law of Attraction, the text A Course in Miracles and generally learning to clear the blocks within yourself and allowing you to access a deeper level of love and trust. It’s written as a sort of memoir, by a 20-something, ex-addict and PR-girl turned motivational speaker and best-selling author.

The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

For anyone and everyone - the power of mindfulness, and stillness, in helping us feel more calm, in control and peaceful, is incredible. You can’t go wrong with any of Eckchart’s books to be honest and I tend to recommend them over more traditional mindfulness handbooks in the first instance to inspire my clients rather than direct them.

You can heal your life / Heal your body - Louise Hay

I cheated as there are two books here but they follow very similar lines! Louise is big on affirmations however both books are very inspiring and encourage reclaiming a sense of power over your life and your body. You can choose how you feel and how you want your life to be. Great for those who are struggling with certain physical conditions or feeling powerless to change their mindset.


Quantum Love - Laura Berman

A beautiful book grounded firmly in quantum physics, Quantum Love teaches us how to have more loving and connected relationships, based on the relatively new knowledge that we are all connected on a quantum level and that our thoughts, feelings and mindset affect those closest to us. I recommend this to those in relationships as well as those who aren’t.