Insomnia now affects around one in three Brits, according to the NHS. Whether it be shift work, anxiety or an uncomfortable sleeping environment, a good night’s sleep is an elusive treasure for sufferers and counting sheep just doesn’t cut it. 

In the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), 55% of yoga users reported improved sleep, while a whopping 85% reported reduced stress. That’s why the Sleep Matters Club has created this bedtime yoga chart to help those struggling to drift off to relax before bedtime. 

Helping you on your way to sleeping success isn’t the only health benefit of yoga; it can also perfect your posture, improve your bone health and lower your blood pressure, among many others. No wonder the sport is booming, with crazy classes such as goat yoga and beer yoga hitting the headlines. 

The chart features the top ten positions to try that are even suitable for the beginner yogi! Each pose comes complete with full instructions and is demonstrated by a model. You could start off with a couple each night before building up to the full routine. We recommend holding each pose for roughly either 10 to 15 breaths or 1 minute. 

Which is your favourite pose?