At we are all about helping people find the therapist who is most suited to their needs. Part of this process involves understanding the therapeutic process and how it is delivered. With this in mind, earlier in January 2019 we circulated a short survey on our weekly newsletter and on social media to learn more about how British therapists see their clients in 2019.

Here’s what we learned from the 62 therapists who responded (not all of them members of

There’s a great deal of variety in the way that therapists see their clients. While for most that will be from a consulting room (75%) or their own home (48%)

  • 50% consult using video
  • 32% consult using the phone

The common belief is that you have to see a therapist every week, but it’s also true that 

  • 45% of therapists see clients fortnightly

The fast pace of 21st century life means that therapy is squeezed in wherever people can make the time. 

  • 80% of therapists see clients in the evenings
  • 29% see clients before 9am
  • 20% see clients on a Saturday

Some therapists are part-time, fitting in their clients around their normal day job, usually until they move full-time into therapy. 

  • 42% of those surveyed have capacity for between 10 and 16 sessions a week
  • 35% have 20-25 sessions available in a week 

Most of the therapists had some availability for more clients. 

  • 32% had 5-10 clients on their books
  • 19% had 18-21
  • 8% had 30 or more

The 62 therapists who answered the survey were primarily integrative (53%) with person-centred, psychodynamic, couples counselling, and CBT also included. Half saw clients in the Greater London area, but provincial cities, towns and rural areas, and the Home Counties were also well-represented.