To make it even easier to find the right therapist, we have created a new Personalised Matching Service, which will take the guesswork out of your search.

You fill in an assessment form – more detailed than our usual questionnaire – which is then anonymised and reviewed by an experienced, professional psychotherapist. Following their direction, which focuses on finding the therapy style best suited to your issues and situation, we find the therapist in your area who fits the criteria. We'll also ensure that they work within your budget, and are available when you are. 

We then introduce you to your therapist. If for any reason you are not satisfied with this option, we will repeat the search until you are.

Welldoing therapist Francesca Rogers welcomes the initiative: "What I like about’s new personalised matching service is that it will genuinely relieve people of the stress of trying to decide who and even what style of therapy is best for them right now."

She continues, "This assessment allows a client to really flesh out their issues and it ultimately empowers them to make an informed choice, with the help of welldoing, at a time when decision-making and choice can be overwhelming. I think, for those who feel confused, this will be a great addition to what already offers."

If you're busy juggling your job, relationships, and hobbies, the Personalised Matching Service can save you from having to do the leg work to find the right therapist for you. 

Our Personalised Matching Service costs just £48, paid securely via PayPal after you have sent the assessment form. Invest in you with our Personalised Matching Service