• Free therapy for NHS workers and discounts for new online therapy clients 

  • Coronavirus-related content is bringing record traffic to welldoing.org

These are difficult times for everyone, including therapists and counsellors. As so many people have had work contracts cancelled or incomes shrunk as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent quarantine, many therapists are themselves struggling with their livelihood. 

At welldoing.org we are confident that therapy is one of things that will help us all pull through this crisis. The training and experience of our members is a powerful force for re-setting people, and helping them accept and adapt to these constrained conditions. We are making clear to the world that our therapists are still working and available to new clients.

We have pushed forward our technical development to introduce two initiatives that many of our therapists have adopted:

  • WELLDOING  NHS OFFER, whereby therapists and counsellors offer free online therapy sessions to NHS workers through the UK. The terms of the offer— how many sessions, how many clients therapists will make the offer to – is entirely up to each individual therapist.

  • WELLDOING DISCOUNTED ONLINE OFFER featuring discounted online therapy sessions to new clients. Again, the terms of the offer — the level of discount, how many sessions it would last for– is entirely individual.

Both initiatives are on the therapists’ questionnaire, so under each practitioner’s control; they can be turned off and on at any time. There is absolutely no compulsion to be part of this, but we do believe that the traffic it will engender will help all our therapists, whether they are part of these offers or not.

In addition to this we are offering to all our members, a special online course on the Welldoing Learning Hub to help therapists adapt swiftly and effectively to the new working arrangements and policies, required by the change in their working conditions. We work with Trainology and GO1 to curate this content, and we are offering this course, Welldoing Covid-19 Workplace Response, to all therapists, without cost, for the next three months. You will find expert material about online delivery, ergonomics and home-working. To access it, fill in your details here  and you will be added to the site.

Our content is always a draw to the site, but at no time has it been as popular as it is now. We will continue to publish authoritative posts to help clients deal with this situation, so do get in touch if you want to contribute at this time. We are also interested in short videos.

Our therapists' newsletter has been increased from monthly to weekly frequency so that we can more easily keep you up-to-date with new advances and ideas. We are a small team and we greatly appreciate your loyalty. We are always happy to hear from you if you have opinions or ideas.