• Finding a therapist can be difficult – it's hard to reach out for help, and when you're finally ready, how do you make the final decision?

  • 93% of users of Welldoing.org's Personalised Matching Service would recommend it to friends and family

  • If you would like to be matched with the right therapist for you, start here

We have created welldoing.org to help you find the therapist who is best for you. But it still involves you making the final choices about who you will approach for an appointment.

Sometimes this can be hard for a variety of reasons. It might be that you are uncertain about what you want from therapy, or the type of therapist which would suit your issue most. Or else you are only available at specific times, and when you try a therapist they are not free. This can of course be very frustrating. 

For these reasons and more we have gone one step further and created the Personalised Matching Service. You fill in a simple assessment form, covering your reason for seeking therapy and some practical factors such as budget, timing and location, and we use mental health professionals to find the most suitable therapist for you, who is available when you are. Once you’ve agreed to the choice, we then make your first appointment with them.

The Personalised Matching Service has a one-off payment of £48, which comes with a guarantee; if you’re not satisfied with the therapist we find you, then we look again until you are. Three-quarters of those who've used it say that's money well-spent, and more than nine out of 10 would recommend the service to their friends or family.

Here are some individual testimonials from clients who, in the last few months,  have been matched using the service.

“Removed the weight of sifting through all the therapists” - Siobhan*

“It matched me to a therapist who I could be 100% sure of” - Jonathan

“Makes finding a therapist easy, definitely worth the money” - Philippa

"It took the indecision and stress out of finding a therapist. It gave me the push to actually follow through and see a professional” - Sam

“It’s a reassuring first step which can be hard to take alone” - Sarah

“I had found looking for a London therapist overwhelming until now; this paid-for method relieved the stress of making a decision” - Richard

As for whether others would benefit the way they have? 91% of those who answered our survey would recommend this service to their friends or family.

So, how about it? Fill in the assessment form and we’ll start looking for the very best therapist for you.

*All names have been changed for anonymity

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