​I have been a practicing clinical hypnotherapist for nearly fourteen years. During this time I have come across many hundreds of cases of OCD and I have identified a pattern. 

More often than not, a patient suffering with OCD has a mother who miscarried before that person’s birth or within a couple of years afterwards. My research has shown that a mother who has lost a baby through miscarriage will be extraordinarily anxious about the health and wellbeing of the surviving baby. This anxiety will be observed and ‘learnt’ by that child in the crucial first six years of their life. 

This resultant behaviour as an adult from this incident is of an anxious adult, overprotecting themselves for fear of what may happen. This overprotection for fear of what may go wrong can develop into OCD rituals that become too dangerous to stop in case something bad were to happen. An OCD sufferer is really terrified of the consequences of not performing a particular ritual. 

The treatment that I offer is divided into two parts, both involving hypnotherapy. The first is a course of Regression Hypnotherapy to determine the root cause of the issue followed by a series of Suggestion Hypnosis sessions where the patient is ‘given permission’ to not perform a particular ritual and the same time assuring them that they will be safe by not doing that ritual.