There have been huge advances made in our knowledge about what we eat and how our bodies react to it.

We now know that 85% of the serotonin-receptor sites are in the gut, rather than in the brain. With serotonin being the neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy, confident, strong and motivated, this explains why what you eat can have such a profound effect on how you feel. Here are five things you can do to promote a healthy gut:

1) Eat good quality, natural ingredients

This has never been more important as we are constantly bombarded with ready-made, grab-and-go convenience foods that are laden with sugar, sweeteners, and other condiments that disrupt the delicate balance of the natural gut flora (healthy bacteria in intestines that prevent disease and aid optimal digestion).

2) Choose seasonal foods

Eating seasonal foods and those that are indigenous to the country in which you live is vital for good health.  We are seduced with a plethora of exotic fruits and vegetables that have travelled half-way across the world, often in an unripe state but it is far preferable to eat fresh produce that has been naturally ripened rather than under artificial light boxes.

3) Don't overload your digestive system

This is key to good absorption, as is chewing food properly.  You need to break it down in your mouth, rather than gobblle down chunks of barely-chewed food, risking indigestion and discomfort, wind and bloating.

4) Take good quality probiotic formulas

Probiotics support the natural growth of essential flora is one of the most important daily practices, as is taking suitable digestive enzymes to help break down your fresh food optimally.  Avoid commercially-prepared probiotic yoghurts which don't have anything like enough viable probiotics and are packed with sugars and sweeteners (eg. Actimel) .

5) Eat grass-fed cattle and organic milk products

This can also makes a huge difference to the nutrient content of the food you choose, as cattle were designed to eat grass and be outside in the sunlight. Rather than cooped up in pens eating grain-based food.  A happy cow yields good quality, nutrient-dense food.  Eating organic produce makes a huge difference to your own level of satiety and proper digestion.


Vicki Edgson is the co-author of Gut Gastronomy: Revolutionise Your Eating to Create Great Health with Adam Palmer. This  innovative eating plan is based on the health regime created by Elaine Williams and Stephanie Moore of Grayshott Spaone of the world's leading health spas. The book promotes the best dietary choices for your digestive system.