The process of finding the right treatment centre can be challenging, and you may be unsure of exactly where the best place to spend your time and money might be. Though it’s possible that it is just around the corner, more people are realising that high-quality yet affordable options are readily available abroad. Here are a few points to consider when deciding which place can offer you the best treatment outcomes for a reasonable cost:

1. Treatment abroad is more affordable compared to the UK

Prices of high-quality treatment centres in the UK could cost around £25,000 per month. Comparatively, boutique treatment centres like The Dawn in Thailand can cost £9,000 per month or less than £2,500 per week.

The difference in cost is related to the lower cost of living in places like Southeast Asia. This means overhead costs are less, and these benefits can then be passed on to clients. These programmes abroad are usually run by Western-trained clinicians who hold equal or higher, levels of credentials than some Western-based facilities, and some even utilise more advanced treatment techniques.

2. Lower fees allow you to stay in treatment for longer

Extensive research indicates that the longer you stay in treatment, the better the outcomes are for a stronger recovery. The cost-effectiveness of treatment centres in areas like Southeast Asia ensures that financial resources are not a limiting factor in your treatment plan. Additionally, the resort-like, welcoming atmosphere adds to the ease and comfort of your stay.

3. Removal from triggers and stressors

Triggers and stressors from your current surroundings can complicate the early phases of recovery, which is another reason why treatment abroad can be an ideal choice. Engaging in treatment far from the context of your everyday life can provide the space you need to lay the foundation for a strong recovery, and develop effective coping mechanisms to sustain it once you return.

4. Focus on yourself and your recovery

Seeking treatment abroad allows you to immerse both your physical and mental self completely in your recovery. Gaining distance from home and work can be useful in fully committing yourself to your recovery, and genuinely taking time for your health. When you need it, connecting with your support network back home is as simple as a phone call.

5. Residential treatment offers the most intense level of treatment

Residential centres offers many benefits to those looking for a holistic approach to lasting recovery. They utilise a structured, multi-faceted programme combining Western psychotherapy and Eastern wellness practices, with a tailored treatment plan for your unique needs adjusted as you progress. 

About The Dawn

Located in the serene beauty of Northern Thailand, The Dawn is the only residential treatment centre in Asia that offers separate programmes for mental health and addiction treatment, and to offer innovative and effective Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy. The Dawn Thailand mental health retreat is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Health, staffed by world-class mental health professionals, and supported by a 24-hour on-site medical team competent at handling detox as well as any medications you require.

Clinical excellence headed by renowned UK therapist

The Dawn’s multi-disciplinary clinical team members all possess Masters Degrees; and work under the direction of renowned English psychotherapist David Smallwood, who authored the book Who Says I’m an Addict? David’s 20+ years of experience includes leading the addiction unit at The Priory and the world-famous behavioural health centre The Kusnacht Practice. 

Coming to The Dawn means you will benefit from a range of treatment options delivered by caring professionals in a soothing, safe environment. 

To learn more about The Dawn or refer a client, please feel free to call us: +44 20 3769 7212