We would say so, but we really do believe that welldoing.org is the most straightforward way to find the right therapist to talk to. Whether you are looking to address a specific mental health issue, want to delve into your past, or just want to browse the therapists near you while you decide whether psychotherapy is right for you in the first place, we have created a platform that is focused on your needs. 

Research has shown that it isn't what kind of therapy you choose, or for how long, that really makes the difference when it comes to a positive outcome in therapy. The important thing is the therapeutic relationship between you and your therapist. This is why our main focus is to provide you with a tailored selection of therapists and counsellors in your area who are best suited to support you, which will save you time, effort and money. 

Here's a 3-step guide for how to find the mental health professional to help you:

1) Read about what's worrying you

Whether you have a name for what you are feeling already or not, you can read our content about common mental health problems here. All of our content has been vetted by the counsellors on welldoing.org, so you can be sure it is trustworthy. 

2) Use our simple questionnaire

You can get started on our questionnaire here and in just a few steps you will be directed to the therapists and counsellors in your area who offer the services you are looking for. You will be asked about what's worrying you, how you would like to work, how soon you want to see someone and where you are based. Our therapist members have all filled out their own questionnaires when they join the site, so you will be matched with those whose expertise and availability match with what you need. 

3) Book and pay online

We're the first therapy directory with a fully integrated booking and payment system. You can view your chosen therapist's availability on their diary and request the appointment slot that works for you. Once you and your therapist have agreed a meeting time, you can then pay for your appointment online, and not have to worry about cash on the day. Future payments are simple and secure, and will be taken automatically from your account before your next appointment. So you can forget about the traditional hand over of cash in person, and make the most of your therapy session. 

Here's what some of our users have to say about finding the right therapist on welldoing.org:

“I read about welldoing.org and recommended the therapist directory to my troubled adult daughter. She quickly found a warm, wonderful and incredibly helpful counsellor there. Neither of us had known quite how to find someone who ticked all the boxes: a 'talker', female, not too 'old', who could help with bereavement and other issues that were crippling her self-confidence. Already I see a transformation in her; her dad would have been so proud.”  SK, 50s

“After witnessing a suicide attempt by a close relative, my daughters needed to get professional support quickly in order to help them process the trauma. Welldoing.org enabled us to get the support immediately and offered an easy step-by-step process to ensure we were able to tailor the right therapist to the different needs and ages of my daughters. Highly recommended.”  SB, 40s

We would like to stay in touch

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Once you've found the right therapist on welldoing.org, you are welcome to get in touch with us and share your experience of therapy, as these people have done

We would also welcome any feedback about your experience of using the site, and are happy to help you find the right counsellor for you. You can contact us on [email protected]