• Seeing the wrong therapist for you costs you time, and money

  • 90% of Personalised Matching Service clients believe the service is good value for money and would recommend to friends and family

  • If you need help finding the right therapist, use our matching service here 

Finding a therapist often takes time and effort.

You may spend time researching your particular concern, mental health difficulties more generally, and the different types of therapy available. From CBT to psychodynamic, drama therapy to body psychotherapy: there are a lot of different types of therapeutic treatment, and it can be difficult to establish which one appeals to you the most.

The welldoing.org questionnaire (which filters your results based on simple jargon-free questions) will narrow down your options. Sometimes the search for the right therapist doesn't neatly end at the point at which you locate the therapist profile that appeals to you. We know it is the experience of many people searching for therapists: you spend time crafting your initial contact and send this to your chosen therapist, to unfortunately find out that this therapist isn't available when you are, or can't offer you sessions at a fee that you can afford. 

"Welldoing.org took away the stress and hassle of finding an appropriate and qualified therapist within easy reach"

Far from being merely a slight annoyance, this kind of hurdle can really set you back on the search for the right therapist. It's not an easy thing to do, especially if you aren't feeling your best - even more so if you are feeling far from your best. 

How we help

We've set up welldoing.org's Personalised Matching Service with this in mind. This is a paid-for service, with a one-off cost of £48 – less than the cost of an average therapy session. The Personalised Matching Service works like this:

  • You complete a more in-depth assessment
  • This is reviewed anonymously by a mental health professional
  • Based on their expert guidance, we scour our database of verified, qualified therapists to find the right one for you
  • We contact the therapist on your behalf to make sure they are available when you are and within your budget

Once all the criteria are met, we'll introduce you to your therapist - and if for any reason at all you don't feel it's a good match, we'll try again for no extra cost.

Invest in you this year with the Personalised Matching Service.