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With our unique UK Find a Therapist Directory we can match you to the most suitable therapist for your needs. We have some of the best therapists, counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists in London and around the UK, all registered with reputable accrediting organisations. Adults, couples, teenagers or children are all catered for.

 In addition to our directory, welldoing.org provides a wide range of information, tips and advice about therapy and counselling. We answer the frequently asked questions people have about therapy, offer a guide to many of the issues therapy can help with, explain different types of therapy and include real clients’ experiences of therapy.

 You can depend on us for expert content on mental health and emotional wellbeing, written by authors, counsellors, psychotherapists, life coaches, hypnotherapists, and psychologists from around the UK.  We also feature real-life stories from people who want to share their own powerful experiences.

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But the site is not just about our mental and emotional health. As we are now more aware than ever, our minds and bodies interact closely, and we firmly believe in adopting a holistic approach to health and happiness. The Body section of our site includes information, tips and articles on food and nutrition, yoga, exercise and fitness, massage, pilates, acupuncture, and many other areas in which our bodies are central to our health and wellbeing. Our UK body directory of highly qualified practitioners in these various fields is launching soon.

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