Choosing hypnotherapy was easy for me. I was fascinated by the incredible potential of human mind and knew there wasn't any other tool so fast working.

I was already practising advanced hypnotherapy and quantum hypnosis and was equipped to help people to stop smoking but was not doing so as I was a smoker myself. It was an enjoyable habit which fluctuated and went through all stages from heavy to occasional. I was choosing to puff as an extra ingredient to socialise. I did not even think it was that harmful. Then the time came when I noticed the habit sucked me in. I thought it was time to do something about it. I chose to go with hypnotherapy and the process only took 50 minutes.

I was choosing to puff as an extra ingredient to socialise

Like anything I practice I feel I ought to check it on myself and was curious about the experience. I laid back and surrendered to the relaxation procedure followed by visualisation instructions and brief responses. I drifted and relaxed deeply. Hypnosis has always been a very pleasant experience for me and I greatly enjoy 'hypno-deeps' because 20 minutes of good hypnosis is like hours of quality sleep.

After the session I was seeing friends who smoked. Now this fact didn't seem to have any meaning. I felt as if I had never smoked. Simply but magically the cigarettes did not exist to me anymore.

As time has progressed I started noticing more of life’s tastes and flavours, even colours. My skin became more radiant, eyes more shiny and thinking became clearer. I started seeing a massive difference between the smokers and non-smokers, something I was not aware of before. I just could not understand what has taken me so long to make that change. It was like being gifted a brighter and more vivid life.

I had realised that whatever satisfaction I was getting from smoking it was an illusion

Quitting smoking was a big part of my alkaline journey. Over a short period of time I have made many changes in my life style and hypnosis was a fabulous tool and support. I become more aware of what my body really enjoys and delivering that care made this process a natural way of living.

I had realised that whatever satisfaction I was getting from smoking it was an illusion and that I was paying a very high price of my own health and appearance. I have found something in myself that is far more pleasant than the smell and taste of cigarettes and others around notice it.

Having been through this journey myself I understand the value I deliver to others who reach for my help. It is possible to make changes instantly. Margaret wanted to be more healthy, yet as a single and working mother of two she was finding it challenging. After just one hour treatment she immediately swapped the morning smoke for a jogging the first thing following day. Another client, Joel, two days after the session reported his amazement that for the first time in forty years he had gone without a cigarette.

No one is born a smoker. It is easy to get into the habit and live in a satisfactory illusion.

Whenever we make an improvement in our lifestyle, it is an investment in ourselves and in who we want to become.

I have made that change. Your turn.

Monika Sleszynska is a hypnotherapist on the welldoing directory.

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