Back before I launched, I used to be a magazine editor; the last magazine I edited was Psychologies, and I finished five years ago. But if you go to WH Smith, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose or Sainsbury's you will now find a brand new magazine with my name on the masthead. It's called Planet Mindful, and it is published by Marketforce, part of international publishing group Time Inc.

The philosophy behind Planet Mindful is that people are looking for something different in their lives. As I wrote in the introduction, "You're conscious that much today seems over-processed, super-sonically fast, increasingly impersonal. You want to slow things down, take time to develop interests, strengthen relationships, treasure your mental health and wellbeing."

If you do pick up a copy, you'll spot some names and stories that you might have already seen on I've printed David Darvasi's post on helping a friend with a panic attack, Danny Ford on how mindfulness works with therapy, and Lisa Stevenson on ensuring you are in the right relationship. Our content editor Alice McGurran has written a wonderful piece on how kickboxing helped her recover her sense of autonomy after the breadown of her marriage, and Harriet Frew has tackled friendship. There are also nearly a dozen therapists or contributors mentioned in the bibliotherapy piece in which inspiring books are recommended.

But there is plenty that is new too, including a review of slow yoga styles, a paean to swimming year-round, the life of a master indigo dyer, the ethos of a massage teacher. I've really enjoyed getting my hands back into publishing for paper again. I see it as complimentary to what we're doing at If you like it, and want to contribute, get in touch with me at [email protected]

Planet Mindful, £5.99