Juliet Most is a coach in London and online

What attracted you to become a coach?

I grew up watching people mistreating other people and the impact it had on them. What they began to believe about themselves and how they coped. I realised that we are sometimes fed ideas and beliefs that aren’t necessarily true but we don’t do anything until it’s too late. 

I read a book called The Choice by Edith Eger, which made me realise we all have a choice and we keep all the answers in our own pocket. I wanted to empower people positively so that they could move forward with self-belief and write their own future.

Where did you train?

I trained really through life – actually taking a course was so enjoyable as it was everything I had really felt from within. However, I did my introductory year with psychodynamic counselling and coaching with Coach Masters Academy.

What kind of coaching do you offer?

I offer one-to-one transformational coaching for people who feel they want to understand and improve the relationships in their lives. It could be with their partner, their children, their parents or just self-development to understand what is happening.  

Sometimes patterns repeat and we are oblivious to what is playing out and we need help to step back and see it from another perspective. I consider myself as a thinking partner.

How does coaching help people?

My style of coaching is transformational coaching and it means working from the inside out. What troubles us on the inside plays out in front of us in reality. Sometimes we pick up on it and sometimes we ignore it. I help people embrace it, to work with it and on it. Life is a collection of choices and learning to steer our way through can be extremely challenging at times.

I help develop an awareness to how people are behaving the way they do and why they are doing this. They could be overwhelmed from work pressures, family pressures or the feeling of being controlled by family members. They may have issues with self-esteem, anxiety or unable to feel real joy and authentic connections. I help people recognise and establish a true sense of self.

What sort of coaching clients do you usually see?

I see people stuck in situations that are holding them back either emotionally, professionally or physically. I support people making change for the better and helping them grow forward to a better life.

Do you ever suggest books or other materials?

Sometimes I suggest books but I prefer to send pages or quotes to help explain things in smaller chunks so not to bombard someone with too much information.

The Choice by Edith Eger

How to Do the Work by Dr Nicole LePera

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

What is less pleasant about coaching?

Some people’s stories are painful, being open and honest requires courage. Listening and being heard is the most important most impactful part of my commitment to my clients.

What one piece of advice would you give someone?

Your mind is like a garden so you can choose what you water – life is a choice. Some things will grow easily and some things will take time and commitment. Treat your mind like it’s your garden with regular self-care and maintenance to keep it healthy and fruitful.

What do you wish people knew about coaching?

Coaching helps to develop the real you, if you can allow it to do its work. Being authentic is the best and most rewarding space for any person.

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