What is it for?

Biodynamic massage is great for when your stress levels that have reached a point of chronic overload. The focus is on both energy and structure to help bring you back into balance, so your body can re-learn how to naturally regulate your own stress levels.

It's great for:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Overwhelm
  • People who have experienced abuse issues
  • Psychosomatic conditions caused by stress
  • Personal growth
  • In parallel with counselling or psychotherapy

What happens in a session?

As well as the usual questions about health and life style, you might also be asked to think about; how you feel about your body, your years growing up, what was going on when your condition started, etc.

The emphasis is on creating understanding and trust with your therapist so that you can let go safely. You choose whether to get undressed and how many clothes to take off; the therapist will adapt to your needs.

Biodynamic massage is unique in that special attention is given to your peristalsis (tummy rumbling). You can listen to it with an electronic stethoscope but if this freaks you out you can choose not to hear it! Biodynamic therapists do not use oil, which can get in the way of energy work and connection.

There are a variety of techniques to choose from:

  • deep muscular work
  • gentle energy work
  • holding
  • aura work
  • circling movements to empty energy

You can talk, stay quiet, laugh or cry; the focus is on letting your energy flow as it needs to. Sessions are a collaboration of input from the client and therapist. Treatment is recommended in regular, planned sessions which creates a containing framework in which to let go.

Why does it work?

This is an 'issues in your tissues' therapy. The biodynamic therapist gently allows stuck energy from old stresses to be released, so you can come back into balance. The peristalsis from your belly shows that old cycles of charge are being completed.

Who is it good for?

Particularly suitable for overwhelmed sensitive types who need a safe therapist, committed to their well being. Biodynamic massage is used successfully with learning disabled and dementia sufferers, and it's also great if you're interested in mind/body connection. With such a wide range of techniques, biodynamic massage can be adapted to work with conditions not usually touched by other styles.

Who should stay away?

Do not go

  • if you want the therapist to fix you in one session
  • if you want a robust deep muscular session
  • If you're not interested in personal growth
  • Or curious about your body

Where does it come from?

Created by Norwegian psychotherapist Gerda Boyesen in 70's and was used as part of biodynamic psychotherapy. Now available as a stand-alone therapy.