• There are many ways we can improve our relationships 

  • Therapist Josephine Cropper explains how therapy can help you become more insightful, confident and motivated

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Relationships, with yourself and with others, can be challenging at the best of times. Today's stressful environment and unstable economy mean this is the case more than ever. But with some help, you can radically alter the relationships you create with people. This article explores the advantages that counselling will deliver.

Getting help, particularly in British culture, is often considered the last step. Emotional issues are seldom discussed and the possibility of seeking outside help is often not even considered. Yet time and money spent with an expert in dealing with emotional issues is time and money well spent. Even the UK government agrees as it explores the possibility of increasing funding in this arena. Here are three areas that psychotherapy and counselling will help with:

1. Personal Insight

Time spent with the focus on ourselves is something many of us don't make space for. This is an area where time spent with a psychotherapist can help. The upshot is always greater personal insight and understanding, as long as we are willing to do the work. By being willing to look at our life we start to clarify our often confused thoughts and feelings. This results in an ability to become unstuck and start the process of moving forward.

2. Self-esteem and Confidence

Many of the issues we face in life boil down to a severe lack of both these attributes. The journey of personal insight combined with someone helping us see things the way they actually are can give us a huge confidence boost. We are often our own worst critic. Feeling confident leads to self-esteem that leads to confidence which leads to self-esteem. This is one of life's positive circles.

3. Increased motivation

Motivation is a result of moving forward. How often have you heard someone say: “You need to get motivated!” Yet in reality motivation always comes after the event. Something positive happens and then we become motivated.

The challenge, when you are in conflict, is having that positive feeling in the first place. Having personal insight with growing self-esteem and confidence we start to enjoy more glimpses of these positive moments. The upside is a more positive and balanced outlook on the reality of life. This then leads to our own increased motivation that moves us forward.

The more positive energy that comes from us helps our relationships grow. So help is just around the corner and the results can be better than you hoped for.

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