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Use to protect and nurture the mental health of your staff 

  • The top causes of long-term absence from work are mental ill health and stress
  • The cost to UK business is £10.6 billion in sickness absence and a total of £35 billion overall
  • Anxiety and depression symptoms have doubled during the Covid pandemic
  • With working from home firmly established since 2020, the responsibility of employers is more critical than ever before
  • Fears of a future mental health crisis mean that any modern, caring company needs to provide authoritative, expert support for their staff is the UK’s leading therapist and coach-matching service. All of our 1100+ therapists, across the UK, are verified as members of professional associations, such as the BACP, British Psychological Society and National Counselling Society. We have found the best practitioners for more than 25,000 people.

Content on is produced by practitioners who are experienced and up-to-date on a wide range of topics relevant to your people. Therapists and counsellors cover every element of mental health; coaches explore areas such as personal development, parenting, menopause, exercise, health regimes, workplace relationships, work performance.

Programmes designed to suit you and your business

Welldoing Workplace Wellness programmes are customised and cost-efficient therapy solutions for employee mental health support. They include:

  • Webinars, talks, team coaching and training sessions by expert practitioners, covering mental health, wellbeing, work-related issues and relationships
  • Online and live Q and As with mental health and wellbeing experts
  • Bespoke newsletters, article content and video interviews, closely reflecting your business and its culture
  • Recommended digital tools to help cognitive fitness, mental resilience and behavioural change 

We are also able to offer managed online therapy and coaching for those people who require extra help.

  • Using our established Personalised Matching Service, we would confidentially assess an individual employee’s needs and then match them with a practitioner best suited to help them
  • The individual would meet with the practitioner for a pre-agreed number of online sessions
  • All booking and payment for employee practitioner sessions would be managed by with the aim of providing a highly supportive and straightforward process for employees in need and a seamless cost effective process for the employing company.
  • Anonymised attendance and progress reporting would be available where appropriate

With our six years’ experience of helping people find the right therapist for them, Welldoing Workplace Wellness is an innovative, creative service perfectly primed to be able to help employers access all the help they need to keep their people happy and healthy. 

Contact us at 0208 930 8906 or email [email protected] for a call back from one of our team about how we can help you with therapy for employees and mental health support for your business.

What our clients think

“We were very impressed with the webinar that created specifically for our team of communications executives. They are particularly good at communicating jargon-free information from respected sources in a straightforward but sensitive manner, which was much appreciated by all our staff.”

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Ing Media

Carradale Consulting

Health Partners Europe

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