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About Vikki and Integrative Therapy.
My background in supporting people is quite varied. I've enjoyed working with people experiencing day to day stress, mental health issues, neurological issues, addictions, homelessness, terminal illness and difficult life events like loss and trauma.

I have a Diploma in nursing and a Diploma in CBT, Counselling and groupwork. I am a COSCA registered Integrative Therapist listed on Counselling Diectory and I will soon begin working towards becoming an Accredited Psychotherapist. I consider my training in Classical Tantra, Traditional Tantra yoga and many of the other other philosophies I have studied to influence my life, my work and how I understand myself, people and the world.

About Integrative Counselling with Vikki
My training and experience is fairly eclectic. My main Therapy Diploma included a variety of different approaches as well as teaching the structure and practice of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. As a nurse I am aware of the modern medical model of mental health but my own practice is an Integrative Approach.

I understand the person is innately whole and recognise the Inherent value in each individual.
Each person can find their own solutions coming from within when supported and encouraged. Integrative therapy, while having an eye on what works for the many, nurtures the person to express from their unique place in this world. Each person brings to this world a resource within.

Integrative Therapy is adapted to suit the clients understanding and character. I prefer not to search for pathology but look at what capabilities you already have and grow them.

Integration is also an aim of therapy. To achieve congruence of body, emotion, thoughts, actions and how they express themselves in life. To make cohesive conflicting aspects of ourselves.

I also believe in the essential need to be close with others and nurturing relationships tend to be near the front of my mind with clients. Therapy works through establishing a genuine relationship. It gives the opportunity to experience and reflect on how we react to increasing intimacy in attachment and to unpack problems together so they are understood when they come up in “real world relationships”.

Behavioural change is important to pull together the work you do in the chair. Analysis only goes so far. We learn from experience. Unhelpful conditioning is dropped by having new experiences. Behavioural work takes change into your physical reality.

Finally. Having completed around 1000 hours of experiential yoga and meditation trainings, these philosophies and approaches will permeate my practice. There is value in understanding what our body is saying and the potential to change your mind through the body. Thoughts are not the total of us. Conscious thoughts are often removed from reality and from our actual nature. I don't believe your anxieties and stress are you. They are your conditioning, that you can choose to keep or gradually change. Together we can find out more of what is you.

Training and qualifications

Diploma in Nursing

Diploma in Counselling, Groupwork - a CBT approach


£25 during weekdays. £30 weekday evenings. £40 weekends and mobile (local to Charing Cross, Maryhill, Mingavie-for clients with limited mobility)

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