Vic Leeson: Relational Counsellor, Leeds, LS6
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Vic Leeson

Relational counsellor
Leeds LS6
Limited availability

About Me

Currently not taking on any new clients due to a full caseload. Enquiries welcomed from individuals who may want to engage in medium-long term therapy but are happy to begin in April 2024.


I am an experienced and qualified counsellor, accredited with both the BACP and UKCP, offering confidential and empathic counselling in a safe and relaxed setting, usually based in Leeds City Centre and Meanwood, LS6. I am currently offering online therapy via Skype and Zoom and telephone based counselling. Face-to-face appointments, depending on circumstances, will be available from April 2021.

There are a number of reasons why you may be considering counselling; you may be looking for someone to listen to you in a safe and non-judgemental space, you may have a present difficulty in your life that you are looking to address or you may just wish to understand yourself better by exploring past and present experiences. I offer both short and longer term work counselling in a person centred/relational way.  This means I will work with you, at your own pace, helping you to explore past and present experiences whilst noticing and acknowledging how these may have impacted on your life.  You may also find it useful to identify repeated patterns of relating to others which are currently influencing how you manage your present relationships. Part of your counselling work may involve looking at ways of how to change these patterns and experiment with new ways of being. Through such exploration you can gain a greater insight and understanding with regard to the issues you have brought to counselling.

I can appreciate, and empathise with, how difficult it can be to engage in counselling for the first time or with a new counsellor. I recommend that we arrange an initial session to identify and explore the issues and concerns you may be experiencing and your hopes for how counselling may help you.

If you have any questions or concerns and would like to chat before making an initial appointment then please do feel free to contact me either by mobile or email.

Client Feedback:

"At the beginning of therapy I felt very out of control with feelings of anxiety and struggled to cope; by the end of therapy I felt able to deal with my feelings and process them in a constructive way and felt much more in control".
Female, 20's (12 sessions)

"I feel like I have found myself again and I am now able to live an extremely happy life without constant stress, fear and anxiety. this is just a few of the many great things that have improved"
Female, 20's (20 sessions)

"I feel like this has been a life changing experience for me and I now feel better able to deal with problems"
Male, 30's (25 sessions)

"I feel completely different; in a good way and have been able to understand - and then, let go - of stuff that had been burdening me"
Female, 30's, (20 sessions)

"Thanks. I was quite sceptical at the beginning of therapy that any benefit could come from it, based upon having seen so many counsellors previously (dozens) with generally less effective results. Expectations were exceeded and 'Would I recommend this service to others?' - Absolutely!"
Male, 50's (6 sessions)

"It helped me having someone to listen to me in a non-judgemental way and more importantly help me to listen to myself. By the end of therapy I felt much more self aware, calmer, stronger and able to understand what the problem was. "
Female, 40's (6 sessions) 

"I now have a growing clarity, sense of who I am, am much more comfortable with myself and yes; probably even like myself!"
Male, 40's (20 sessions)

"Therapy has given me confidence to connect more with my own feelings and better understand the experiences I go through"
Male, 20's (18 sessions)

"Counselling has helped me open up to family and friends which has made me trust people more and I feel a lot happier"
Female, 14 (4 sessions)

"At the end of therapy I have a clearer sense of self, able to deal better with stresses and feel like I have a lot more options. I have moved jobs to a more satisfying role which was much easier with the support, skills and knowledge gained from counselling" 
Male, 30's (40 sessions) 

"Counselling has made me understand how I react and deal with things and made me more in tune with my emotions and feelings. I feel like a better person, happier and more relaxed and more able to cope better with life"
Female, 33 (12 sessions)

"I came into counselling with a narrow remit of wanting to look at one relationship in particular. I felt Victoria showed a depth of skill and sensitivity by encouraging me to open up and look at many others things that were going on for me" 
Male, 28 (20 sessions)

"Counselling enabled me to see how some of my behaviour was negatively impacting on my own life and helped me let go of old emotions and ways of thinking that had become redundant. It gave me confidence and belief in my own ability to grow and live again" 
Female, 40's (12 sessions) 

"At the start of therapy I was at the point of crisis and I didnt believe I could live again. At the end of therapy I feel far more confident and I am actually starting to enjoy the direction I have chosen in life. I actually feel 'able' again"
Female, 41 (10 sessions)

"At the end of therapy I feel much happier with the decisions I have made in my life and I feel better able to sit with things as opposed to rushing from one thing to the next. I also found you very easy to talk to from the first session and found you very supportive of my lifestyle and personal issues"
Female, 31 (45 sessions)

"Overall therapy has taught me self acceptance. Thank you for being a brilliant therapist and helping me to have compassion for myself and others too."
Female, 20's (25 sessions)

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First Practice
More Info
Home Grown Therapy
c/o The Old Surgery
4a Green Road


I also provide my services online.

Issues often worked with

Family issues
Interpersonal relationships
Sexual abuse
Burnout/Work-Related Stress
Complex PTSD
Emotional abuse
Family estrangement

Therapy offered

In person
By phone
On video

Client groups



Initial Appointments - Adults                              £50 (60 mins)
Further Appointments - Adults                           £50 (50 mins)
Initial  Appointments - Adolescents                   £65 - £75 (75 - 90  mins)

Further Appointments - Adolescents       £55 (50 mins)

Concessions available for unemployed/low income and trainees/students and currently, NHS or Key workers.

Training and qualifications

Post Qualifying Diploma in Child Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Therapeutic Counselling Dip (HE) 
Counselling Skills Cert (HE)
Communications BA (Hons)
Introduction to Animal Assisted Interventions
Animal Assisted Therapy

Post Qualifying Diploma in Child Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Verified professional membership

UK Council for Psychotherapy British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

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