Dr Ven Eyarhono Integrative psychotherapist ,

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Hi I have over 9 years experience in practice as a Psychotherapist/Counsellor

My approach to working with you is person centred. Simply meaning to say it is all about you and your expectations from a working relationship with me. You can discuss anything because my approach to your situation is holistic. So we explore every angle of your situation starting off by  identifying all causal root links with a view to finding solutions. Remember it’s all about you and my language is very simple and jargon free. Since I work remotely. I am only available for phone calls, email or SMS. All my services are 100 % discreet and confidential. 

Beteavement is an area that I am particularly interested because,  I have a deep understanding of the grieving process, gathering from personal experience, knowledge and skills acquired in University and in practice.

I aspire to create a time and space to acknowledge and understand what my client is going through with a view to building on their resilience and coping mechanism. We are all unique individuals with different ways of dealing with issues revolving around bereavement and as such, every situation is different and specific to individuals or groups. 



Training and qualifications

BSc Hons, MSc PhD: Applied Social Sciences, Living with illness and Disability, Theoretical Perspectives- Psycho Dynamics, Systems Theory, Cognitive Behavioural Theory, Humanistic: Unconditional Positive Regards, Attachment Theory; Social Work Law, Child Potection 


From £55 per hourly phone call session, Individuals and £100 for per hour for a couple. Discounts are available for those on benefit 

SMS: Dependant on number of sessions booked per week starting from £100 per week 

Email sessions: Dependant on number of sessions booked  starting from £200  per week 

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