Therese Taylor MBACP (Accred), PGDip Trauma & PTSD: Integrative Psychotherapist, Twickenham, TW1
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Therese Taylor Mbacp (Accred), Pgdip Trauma & Ptsd

Integrative psychotherapist
Online , Twickenham TW1
Has availability

About Me

Welcome, I’m Therese a qualified BACP accredited psychological therapist and coach specialising in PTSD, anxiety, depression/low mood, bereavement and work related stress and anxiety:




60-90 mins




50 mins




50 mins

3 x max

1.     Anxiety (social, general, panic, health)




2.     Bereavement & Loss (loved ones, pets, career,   job, etc)




3.     Low Mood & Depression




4.     PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder   (rape/sexual violence, accident, assault, combat, being threatened)




5.     Complex PTSD (childhood sexual, physical,   emotional abuse, bullying and neglect)




6.     Work related (anxiety, stress, job/role change,   redundancy, interviews)




I offer 3 tiers of counselling/psychotherapy service to suit your needs: Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Please be sure to give me a call to discuss your concerns.  I offer a 30-minute consultation free of charge; just email [email protected] with your contact details and the best time to call you.

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My goal is to provide expert, evidence-based treatments, informed by careful professional assessment, that’s tailored to meet your unique requirements.  

My gold tier is particularly helpful for clients who have experienced trauma and are still haunted by the impact of that traumatic event or events.  When applied diligently you will experience positive results that will build your resilience; adopt healthy boundaries, improve relationships with others; and move you from a place of stuckness and hopelessness to a life that’s worth living with purpose. 

Treatments are time-limited and directed ie: you will be guided through every step of the process and instructed on what to do.  You are involved at all stages from deciding on your treatment plan to reviewing your progress along the way through to ending therapy. 

Sessions are held weekly on the same day/time each week and may include up to four different therapeutic processes depending on your needs. 

Gold tier includes:

1.       Evidence-based trauma-informed CBT processes

2.       Complete assessment undertaken (includes risk assessment) to provide a tailored treatment plan

3.       Psychoeducation so you can understand why you feel the way you do

4.       A mutually agreed treatment plan

5.       Taught strategies and techniques to regulate emotions, relax the body and self-sooth

6.       Regular monitoring of your progress through self-assessment tools

7.       Feedback on your therapist to optimise service provision to you

8.       2 x optional follow-up sessions for maintenance and post-traumatic growth

9.       All sessions are 60 minutes duration, excluding first 2 x assessment sessions which are 90 minutes duration at no extra charge

Clients utilising this service will receive between session work and must therefore be committed to participating in treatment to get maximum benefit.

Most suited for: trauma clients either through directly experiencing or witnessing the event, learning it happened to someone you love, or repeated exposure to extreme or aversive details ie:

·         exposure to sexual violation (child abuse, rape, assault)

·         actual or threatened death (violence, bullying, war zone)

·         serious injury

Contraindications: not suitable for clients needing inpatient care, are suicidal or psychotic; those currently involved in a highly abusive relationship/situation; a diagnosis of schizophrenia, severe dissociative identity disorder, or ongoing substance or alcohol abuse; or have long-standing eating disorders, severe OCD, chronic pain syndromes and somatoform disorders

Price per session:

£80 online
£100 in person (subject to room availability).  If this is your preference, please email me [email protected].



My Silver tier consists of open-ended talking therapy that’s person-centred and non-directed.  A creative and exploratory approach is used that may include a range of therapeutic/coaching techniques and strategies to support you towards your defined therapeutic goal.  Sessions are open to you and ongoing for as long as you feel you need them.  This tier includes minimal assessment prior to commencing. 

Silver tier includes:

1    1.  Open-ended sessions

2    2.  Minimal assessments undertaken (includes risk assessment)

3    3.  Some psychoeducation as appropriate

4    4.  Taught strategies and techniques as needed in the moment

5    5.  Feedback and progress review every 6-8 sessions

6    6.  Integrates Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Gestalt and Coaching approaches that best supports you towards your goal(s)

7    7.  May include, reflective art, journal writing and mindfulness

8    8.  Goal maintenance and relapse prevention prior to ending therapy

9    9.  All sessions are 50 minutes duration

Most suited for clients:

·         -  Who have an idea of how they want things to change

·         -  Who prefer an unstructured approach with minimal to no between-session work

·         -  Willing to explore thoughts and actions, and gain better self-awareness

·         -  Willing to try different approaches and apply them between sessions

Contraindications: not suitable for clients looking to work through the effects of childhood and/or adult abuse, trauma, PTSD or CPTSD or those with a diagnosed mental health disorder that requires an evidence-based therapeutic treatment process.

Price per session:

£60 online only



My bronze package is for clients seeking ‘one session at a time’ therapy (OAAT).  This model comes from the idea that the first session may be the last session too.  This model is most successful for clients seeking to solve a specific problem for which a solution is in their control yet have a particularly ‘stuck’ feeling (Talman 1990). There are no assessments involved and there is a maximum of 3 x OAAT sessions before moving to a silver or gold package depending on your needs.

Bronze tier includes:

1    1.  Each session is a whole stand-alone complete session and is time-limited to a maximum of 3 x consecutive sessions

      2.  Defined goal focused attainment

3    3.  Emphasis on strengths and competencies

4    4.  Practical solution focused approach

5    5.  Sessions are 50 minutes in duration

Most suited for clients:

·         -  Who expect and anticipate change

·         -  Who want to solve a specific problem that’s in their control to resolve

·         -  Who can identify past successes and with therapist assistance, identify helpful solutions

·         -  Feeling ‘stuck’ by anger, guilt, grief, fear, or overwhelm

·         -  Good for a specific anxiety, loss or work-related issue that’s in the client’s control to resolve

Contraindications: not suitable for clients looking to work through the effects of childhood and/or adult abuse, trauma, PTSD or CPTSD; or those with a diagnosed mental health disorder that requires ongoing support

Price per session:

£40 online only, 3 x sessions maximum


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Therese Taylor - Psychotherapy Ltd


I also provide my services online.

Issues often worked with

Complex PTSD
Emotional abuse
Social anxiety
Sexual abuse
Interpersonal relationships
Suicidal thoughts

Therapy offered

On video
In person

Client groups



Would you like a no obligation free 30 minute telephone consultation?  Call or email me to arrange an appointment.

Session Fees: 

Gold tier: The first two session are up to 90 minutes; subsequent sessions are 60 minutes 
£80 online via Zoom or WhatsApp
£95 face to face (subject to room availability)

Silver tier: 
£60 online only via Zoom or WhatsApp

Bronze tier:
£40 online only via Zoom or WhatsApp.  A maximum of 3 x sessions only.


Training and qualifications

Level 7 Postgrad Dip in Traumatology and PTSD 
Level 5 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling 
Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring
Certificate in Skills for Psychological Recovery
Trauma Informed Expressive Arts in Play Therapy and Counselling with Young People
Mental Health First Aider
Level 2 Counselling Skills
Level 7 MA Strategic Human Resource Management
Level 7 CIPD Advanced Dip Learning and Development
Certificate in Education (Adult & Community) equivalent to DTLLS for teaching & training

Verified professional membership

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy