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I'm an integrative relational therapist working in central Glasgow. My approach to therapy is rooted in the evidence-based principle that healing and positive change happen in relationships that are safe, compassionate, respectful and supportive. Regardless of whether your difficulties seem big or small, you need someone on your side. I offer deep listening in a confidential and caring space, and a skilled, honest therapeutic approach that's responsive to your needs and goals.  


what is integrative relational therapy?


There are so many counsellors and therapists practicing in so many modalities that it's easy to become overwhelmed when trying to find the right match for you. Research consistently shows, though, that regardless of modality or technique, what's important for a positive outcome is a good, safe relationship between you and the therapist, so it's important to trust your gut. At the same time, trusting a stranger with your problems and feelings isn't always easy. Many people struggle to relate to a therapist who adopts a "blank screen" persona; I bring to my clients a commitment to being a real, caring and collaborative human being.

In practice, integrative means that I draw on multiple models and techniques to tailor our work sensitively to you, your personality and your needs. It also means our work will focus on you as a whole person. We’ll bring mindful attention to your body and emotions in the present moment, not just your thoughts. We’ll invite parts of you to speak that might not have had much chance to be heard. We’ll also explore what motivates you, inspires you and brings you meaning and joy. 

Relational means that my work is founded on the understanding that we as human beings need connection to survive. We are born, develop and live in a network of relationships, which can shape and affect everything from how safe we feel in the world, to how we experience the physiological effects of stress, to how we make meaning of what happens to us and feel about our options for the future. Our work will likely consider important relationships and patterns in your life, whether they’re working for you and how they play out in the present, including in the therapy room.


a safe, inclusive practice


I am a member of the BACP and UKCP and abide by their ethical frameworks. I am LGBTQIA+ affirming and strive for an inclusive practice that welcomes clients of all genders and nationalities. I work respectfully with those of all spiritual and/or religious identities, including those of no religion and those who have suffered spiritual hurt. My counselling rooms offer discreet, accessible and gender-neutral facilities. 


about me


I grew up in the USA and lived in Canada before coming to the UK in 2005. I hold an Honours BA in Literary Studies & Philosophy from the University of Toronto, and more recently I trained as a storyteller at the International School of Storytelling in East Sussex. I have a lifelong love of asking big questions and thinking deeply about the stories we tell… and the ones we don’t.

I bring to my work personal experience of mental health problems, recovery and the power of healing relationships, an understanding of how much courage it takes to change and a dash of North American optimism that a better life is always possible.

Training and qualifications

I hold a Diploma in Integrative Counselling from the Minster Centre in London, the UK’s leading training institute for integrative psychotherapy and counselling. I'm also completing an Advanced Diploma/MA in Counselling & Psychotherapy. My journey through training has lasted seven years and involved extensive study, client experience, self-development and personal therapy. I’m passionate about continuous learning, professional development and psychotherapeutic research and best practice from around the world.



My fee is £50 for a 50-minute hour. A good fit between counsellor and client is essential, so to help you evaluate whether I'm the right person for you, I offer an initial consultation at a discounted fee of £25.

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