Stuart Morgan-Ayrs: Integrative Psychoanalyst,Edinburgh,EH2
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Stuart Morgan-Ayrs

Integrative psychoanalyst
Edinburgh EH2
Limited availability

About Me

Hi, I'm Stuart, a therapist since beginning my practice under supervision in 1993. Nearly 27 years on and I have completed multiple accreditations, cross trained in a variety of styles to become multi modal and integrative, and completed specialist certification in a number of additional areas.

I am based in Edinburgh City Centre, with sessions also available online.

I have particular additional  & specialist knowledge of the following groups / problem areas

- Certified Clinical Trauma Practitioner (CCTP) Specialising in complex trauma (CPTSD), single event trauma (PTSD), child sexual abuse and incest, domestic violence, and armed forces battle trauma. Additionally certified in specialist treatment of Trauma using combined Hypnosis, Neurology & Mind-Body work.

- Post qualification competency trained for using analytic methods for treatment of long term depression using CBASP. Certified specialist in Depression and Mood disorder treatment (CDMDTP)

- Specialised from start in the treatment of serious stress and anxiety including Certified anxiety specialist (CCATP).

- Long term advocate and practitioner of mindfulness, acceptance and compassion, walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

- I am interested and involved in multiple faiths and multi-faith study and have a wide range of faith and no faith clients

- I have training and active knowledge in working with LGBT* and BDSM groups, especially Polysexuality, non straight couples and discrimination based issues.

- Complex trauma work is not just "talking therapy". In fact studies have shown that talking therapy alone, or worse exposure therapy alone, can make things worse through intellectualising and flooding respectively. Therefore modern research shows that a rich combination of Mind-Body -Spiritual - Neurological - Psycho-educational - Self regulation is needed for results, worked through in an appropriate manner and pace.  I have a base in analysis, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, and further competency in mindfulness, Chi Gung, meditation, somatic, attachment, hypnosis for trauma, Relational EMDR and neurology. I work through the stages as recommended by the International Association of Trauma Practitioner's validated courses.

- I also work with long term anxiety and depression, using NICE and research recommended core methods. With all mental health issues my focus is on using a core of what works, with a holistic and customised frame. I help with anxiety, depression, Bipolar, Borderline Personality, Stress and non specific mental health issues.

- I am also very experienced in using analytic and systems methods including elements of CBASP in the treatment of anger issues

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Scotlandtherapy Partners, Tiree Room, 6th Floor
10 South St Andrew Street

Issues often worked with

Couple relationships
Interpersonal relationships
Sexual abuse
Bipolar disorder
Complex PTSD

Therapy offered

In person
On video

Client groups



We operate a 3 level scale of Highest income tax bracket, below that, and those on out of work benefits and self supported students. 

We also have a temporary lowest level rate for persons out of income due to COVID-19

Full set of information files, cost figures and background information sent free to all enquiries so you know in advance EXACTLY what the service is.

Training and qualifications

- Externally validated graduate level diploma: Analysis, Hypnotherapy & Stress focused counselling. Portfolio evidence / thesis based on mental health management, integrative work, psycho education and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Validated at level 5 graduate level by City and Guilds and a CNHC regulation pathway under hypnotherapy.

- NACHP accreditation post graduate: Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy including Humanistic and Psychoanalytic. A CNHC registration pathway.

- BSc(Hons) IIT specialising in systems studies and human resources

- BA(Hons) Open specialising in psychology

- BA(Hons) Philosophy and Psychological issues

- MSc Psychology

- Post qualification competency training in CBASP: Cognitive Behavioural Analysis System of Psychotherapy, for long term depression

- Certified Clinical Trauma Practitioner (CCTP) validated by the International Association of Trauma Practitioners

- Certified Clinical Trauma Practitioner II (CCTP II) Complex Trauma and Disassociative Disorders

- Certified Specialist in the use of Hypnosis, Neurology and Mind-Body therapy for Trauma

- Certified Clinical Anxiety Practitioner (CCATP)

- Certified Depression and Mood disorder Practitioner (CDMDTP)

- Level CPD 4 awards in Integrative counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy

Level 3 CPD awards in Life coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming

Clinically trained in use of Mindfulness in psychotherapy and groups



Fellow National Council of Psychotherapists
Fellow International Council of Psychotherapists
Fellow Royal Society for the Promotion of Health
Fellow Royal Scottish Society of Arts
Practitioner Full member National Association of Counsellors Hypnotherapists Psychotherapists
Practitioner Full member Federation of Holistic Therapists
Practitioner Full member Guild of Holistic Therapists
Practitioner Full member International Association of Trauma Practitioners
CNHC (voluntary regulator) registered practitioner under Hypnotherapy

Registered on the Professional Standards Authority Accredited Registers held by both the CNHC, and the FHT. The PSA AR system is for healthcare practitioners not subject top statutory regulation and is known as "right touch" regulation. It examines qualification, accreditation, insurance and fitness to practice.

Verified professional membership