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Hello and thank you for taking the time to reach out to me. My name is Stephanie Georgescu and I am a qualified hypnotherapist and public health consultant.

My treatments are about helping you to move past your stress, anxiety, and depression. I use talking therapy and my treatments include Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques which will provide you with practical methods to move forward, and hypnotherapy which helps to quickly reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

I specialise in a number of areas: I have assisted many clients in coping with work-related stress and chronic fatigue syndrome, that is often misunderstood and hard to diagnose. Similarly, I have helped ease the severity of those suffering with depressive disorders.

My clients inform me through ongoing and open feedback that I am effective at building confidence and motivation, so if you have a job interview or an engagement that you need to prepare for then you will find my sessions extremely useful and fun.

It should be noted like with all therapy, it is a two way relationship and commitment is needed from both sides to make effective progress.

Training and qualifications

Training, qualifications & experience

I have a Hypnotherapy Diploma and am a fully licensed member of the NCH. I am also a member of the Royal Society for Public health and a member of their behavioral special interest groups.

I also have a Law Degree from the University of London, and I am undertaking a Master's of Science in Public Health at the University of Essex. Public health interests include prevalence and incidence of water-borne diseases and public health behaviors.


Non referral rate: £100

Student rate: £80

NHS referral rate: £60

Anxiety programme: £400

However, prices can be varied depending on need, which will be ascertained after a free consultation.

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