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Hello - I am a London-based psychotherapist and father of 5.  I trained for 5 years (and was in therapy myself for the's important that you know that we walk our talk!), and qualified in 2008.

I specialise in helping adults with problems in living, in particular those who are struggling with the challenges of "mid-life" and finding meaning and purpose.  I also have a special interest in helping people that have been told they are suffering from Depression or Bipolar Disorder.  These terms are not medical diagnoses but rather reflect a wide range of complex underlying issues.  I am generally skeptical about modern psychiatric practice and often help people come off their medication and restore their own natural sense of balance and well-being through a combination of insight, mindfulness, emotional catharsis and somatic integration.

As well as one-to-one psychotherapy I am also passionate about the importance and effectiveness of group therapeutic approaches.  I will sometimes recommend group work to my clients, according to their need, and have found that the combination of personal and group therapy can achieve faster and more long-lasting results than either on their own.


Training and qualifications

Post-graduate Diploma in Integrative and Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Hoffman Process Supervising Teacher

Path of Love Group Facilitator

Somatic Experiencing (Advanced trainee)


I charge £100 for a 50 minute session and offer a reduced fee for people in need. Please ask about this if you are disadvantaged in some way.

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