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I am a multi skilled practitioner and I run an award winning therapy business in Chadwell Heath. I have trained in many disciplines in the Complimentary Health field. I started "Total Wellbeing" in May 2004, after turning my own health and life around with Complimentary therapies. I now provide a  wide range of holistic therapies, and hold qualifications in health and social care, health and social welfare, working with young people, and working with children and families. I have trained in stress management, have basic counselling skills, Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy and NLP.


HIGHLY COMMENDED FINALIST FOR FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2011 - Docklands Business Club and East London Chamber of Commerce Business awards 2011.

WINNER - CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD 2014 - Barking and Dagenham Business Awards 2014 - The Customer service award is given to the company that can best demonstrate that it pays attention to the needs of its customers and works hard to maintain their loyalty. Entrants must show that they deliver high standards of service and have measurable ways of maintaining that service, identifying customers needs and demonstrating a commitment to customer service.

HIGHLY COMMENDED  - SERVICE EXCELLENCE AND CUSTOMER FOCUS AWARD 2015 - East London Chamber Of Commerce and Industry incorporating Docklands Business Club - Recognising businesses and organisations geared to providing services which achieve customer satisfaction at all levels.


Our minds, emotions and physical bodies are all connected, and what affects one will also effect another. Stress or anxiety can affect any system in the body, for example the immune system or the digestive system. Stress can change our mood and our reactions and responses. We are all complex and unique and  can respond differently to what life throws our way.  I am fascinated with our uniqueness and in finding natural ways to restore health and resolve issues.

I provide therapies to help support, to overcome fears, anxieties and phobias, to help make positive mental changes as well as therapeutic and relaxing therapies such as Reflexology, Reiki and massage, helping to reduce pain, stress and stress related illness.

I have also studied Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Remedies, so understand the therapeutic actions and properties of plants, utilizing natures pharmacy.

I have a whole person approach and can draw upon many skills to help individuals to improve their overall outlook and or health, offer help to break habits, to overcome fears and phobias, help them to reach their full potential to so they can reach their goals.

I work with a wide range of clients for reasons ranging from de-stressing and being pampered, to deeper work including helping them to feel better about themselves. Sometimes help change limiting beliefs or finding natural ways to improve their health and wellbeing. I can help individuals who have suffered a bereavement or traumatic event and feel they cannot move forward in life. I like to work quickly with individuals and seek to empower them where possible and to give them coping skills where needed 

I first found Complimentary therapies in 1996 when I was a single parent of 3 with painful knees and found myself feeling very stressed with a new life to try and build. Reluctant to take anti depressants etc I sort alternatives and was soon able to come off the Arthritic drugs I had been prescribed. I never looked back, and in fact learned all I could to heal myself and my life. I now enjoy helping others to improve their health and lives. I will never stop learning and I am dedicated to providing the best service that I possibly can.

I worked as a Volunteer for Home Start Barking and Dagenham and was on their management committee, they help parents to cope with young children under 5. I have worked for the charity MND providing therapies to suffers and their carers, I have worked with the charity mind. I also provided Peer massage to children at the Cherry Tree Special School in Bethnal Green, for children with behavioral difficulties, as part of their wellbeing day.



Training and qualifications

Qualifications and date achieved

1.       1998 REFLEXOLOGY - Practitioner certificate – Association of Reflexologists (AOR)

2.       1998 Reiki & Seichim Master Teacher

3.       2001 Holistic Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology – Massage Training Institute (MTI)

4.       2001 Hypnotherapy Diploma – Suggestion Therapy and Analytical Therapy – GHR Reg

5.       2000 Certificate in Health and Social Care

6.       2002 Certificate Working for Health – approved by the English National Board for Nursing, Midwifery  and Health Visiting (ENB) as incorporating ENB Award  A78 Developments in Primary Health Care For Nurses – ( open University)

7.       2003 Certificate – Working with Children and Families, – approved by the English National Board for Nursing, Midwifery     and Health Visiting (ENB) as incorporating ENB Award  U10 Working with Children and Families

8.       2002 Stress Diagnosis/Counselling – Practical Training – The British School of Yoga

9.       2002 Indian Head Massage Diploma – IIHHT – VTCT

10.    2003 Advanced Stress Consultancy – Diploma – The British School of Yoga

11.    2003 Diploma in Health and social Welfare – open University

12.    2004 Karuna Reiki level 1

13.    2004 Karuna Reiki level 2

14.    2004 Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

15.    2005 Counselling – introduction

16.    2005 Anubis Reiki Master Teacher

17.    2005 Bach Flower Remedies Level one

18.    2006 Bach Flower Remedies Level 2

19.    2006 Certificate Healing of sick Buildings c. Longford (NFSH teacher, Mem Hickman Academy)

20.    2006 NFSH UK Foundation course Part 1

21.    2006 NFSH UK Foundation course Part 2

22.    2006 Hypnotherapy Practice – General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (GQHP) GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register)

23.    2006 Thermal Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling) – Babtac

24.    2007 Diploma in Stone Therapy – Level 3 VCTC – IIHHT

25.    2007 Diploma in Aromatherapy - Level 3 VCTC – IIHHT

26.    2007 NFSH UK Foundation course Part 3

27.    2007 NFSH UK Foundation course Part 4

28.    2007 Thought Field Therapy – ATFT

29.    2008 NLP Diploma – Inlpta (The international NLP Trainers Association)

30.    2008 Parts Therapy – ETTC (Energy Therapy Training Centre)

31.    2009 No Hands Massage – Advanced Practitioner

32.    2009 No Hands Massage – Chair Reflex course

33.    2010 No Hands Massage – Sports Massage – advanced training day

34.    2010 No Hands Massage – Practitioner Training

35.    2011 No Hands Massage- Sports Massage – applied to the front of the body

36.    2011 No Hands Massage– Mastery Programme

37.    2012 No Hands Massage – Sports Massage – applied to the neck and shoulders

38.    2012 Practitioners Diploma in Bamboo Massage –the guild of Holistic Therapists

39.    2012 No Hands Massage – Sports Massage – applied to the Hips

40.    2014 Theta Healing Basic DNA course – Think Healing Institute of Knowledge

41.    2014 Theta Healing Advanced DNA course – Think Healing Institute of Knowledge


42.    2015 Theta Healing Soul Mate Course – Think Healing Institute of Knowledge


Complimentary therapies hourly rate

Reflexology £45 ( £35 Monthly or £240 for block of 6)

Reiki £40 (£30 Monthly charge or £210 for block of 6)

Theta Healing £40 (£30 Monthly charge or £210 for block of 6)

Indian Head Massage £40 (£30 Monthly charge or £210 for block of 6)

Massage £50 (or £40 monthly charge or £270 for blocks of 6)

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage £55 (£45 Monthly Charge or £300 for block of 6)

Aromatherapy Massage  £55 (£45 Monthly Charge or £300 for block of 6)

Hot Stone Massage £60 (£50 Monthly charge or £330 for block of 6)

Hopi Ear Candles £40 (£30 monthly charge or £210 for block of 6)

Aromatherapy Facial £40 (£30 monthly charge or £210 for block of 6)

Bach Flower Remedies £45 1st consultation, Subsequent sessions £40, Repeat Prescription £25, 


Hypnotherapy £75 (£55 monthly rate or £390 for 6)

(Stop Smoking and Weight management, anger, confidence …..)

Thought field Therapy £75 (£55 monthly rate or £390 for 6)

(Fears, Phobias, Traumas, shock, bereavement ……)

Stress Management £75 (£55 monthly rate or £390 for 6)


(Learn ways to better cope with stress)


Discounts for Senior citizens or unemployed



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