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thanks for clicking on this profile and welcome to One Step Ahead Psychology Services.

If you are looking for quick, easy access to support and therapy to help enhance the lifestyle you lead, or to overcome certain difficulties you are facing at the minute, then this friendly online service could be the one for you!

Psychology sessions are available now, offering tailored packages specific to your needs from the comfort of your own home!


About Me

My name is Dr Sarah Dawes and I am a Psychologist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and chartered with the British Psychological Society (BPS).

I’m passionate about what I do, and I love to help people find that quality of life that they have been looking for.

While I have worked within the NHS, Private Hospitals and Specialist Forensic Mental Health Services I became increasingly aware of the difficulties for the general public in gaining easy access to therapeutic support.

Support which may prevent people requiring hospital admission and live a more fulfilled life.

I am also aware of the time limitations in people’s busy lives.

This is why I set up One Step Ahead Psychology Services offering an online facility which can enable more flexible access to therapeutic information.


What Support Is Available?

Gaining support from a psychologist does not mean that you need to have a diagnosable condition or mental health problem.

It may be that you are experiencing stressors that are difficult to overcome or want support to reach your full potential.

Working together we can;

         * Help identify barriers to success

         * Gain an understanding of your problems

         * And support you in developing the skills needed to bring about meaningful change


If you are looking for one to one support, some typical examples of what things I could support you with include:

        * Anxiety or worry

        * Low self-esteem

        * Low mood

        * Phobias

        * Stress

        * Interpersonal relationships

        * Coping with emotions

        * Substance use/ addiction

        * Impulsive Behaviour

        * Anger management

        * Agitation

        * How to improve sleep

        * Motivation

        * Goal setting

        * Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

        * Low mood

        * Depression

        * Panic Attacks

        * Bereavement, grief and loss

        * Support following separation from a partner


        * Body image and eating issues

        * If you are a carer, family or friend of someone suffering with mental illness or personality disorder, then support can be offered to you too, by providing support and information about certain diagnoses.


Being a Registered Psychologist this means that I am able to offer support that is tailored to you, rather than you having to fit a specific therapy model (such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT).


The benefit of this, is that you can receive a more integrated support package finding skills that are most helpful for you from various therapeutic approaches rather than being limited and having to stick to a standard ‘one size fits all’ model.

Training and qualifications

University of Birmingham (2009- 2014)

Doctorate in Forensic Psychology Practice (ForenPsyD) incorporating the Masters in Forensic Psychology Practice

University of Hull (2003-2006)

BSc Psychology

Due to my specialism I have tended to work a lot within criminal justice system (within the community and inpatient settings), supporting people with complex mental health problems.

In order to support people and organisations I provide psychological assessments to inform any treatment offered and to help make appropriate decisions about patients care.

Therapy has also been a daily part of practice offering both individual and group therapy.

My aim within therapy has been to help improve people’s quality of life, aid recovery and rehabilitation, and help get them to where they want to be.  

In order to do this a flexible approach is offered to help tailor therapy to the clients specific needs, which is exactly what I would do for you too.

Although I have worked a lot within the criminal justice system, the underlying premise of what I do is about understanding and working with people, no matter what background they are from and to offer a non-judgmental space to overcome any difficulties they may have. This might be to help cope with difficult feelings, help change behaviour, help build insight or improve social relationships and interactions.



To invest time in yourself the fees are as follows:

        * Email (you may send a couple or a few emails and I will send you an in depth email response): £50 per email that I reply to you with.

        * Instant Messaging Session (typically 50 minutes each): £65

For either of these options please message to book a session. If you would prefer video link then you can book direct via this website.

        * Video Link Sessions (typically 50 minutes each): £120

You would be free to withdraw at any time.

(If you are specifically looking for support with addiction and you want something other than individual support I can refer you to a comprehensive online recovery programme that I am a part of. This involves an assessment, group therapy, personal workbooks and one to one counselling. The cost of the programme is £1499 for a full 28 day complete online rehab service)

Please feel free to message me so that together we can make sure the service is right for you before you invest in it or to find out more details.

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