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Sometimes it is certain painful life events that lead us into following a new path. This was true in my case where, after experiencing a good deal of pain at a certain time in my life, I was able to get some help.  In fact this turned out to be a life-changing experience which led to my committing myself to helping others. I started to train first of all as a counsellor and later as a psychotherapist. Opinions vary as to what the difference is between the two but a brief description would be that counselling tends be used for shorter term work and psychotherapy for deeper, long term work – whether for individuals or for couples.


I have now been seing clients for over 13 years.

I have been through three major trainings (details given)and each has left a strong impression regarding how best to serve the needs of clients – in different ways. I am eternally grateful for these  training institutions and the profound values they hold as they are essential to this work.


Training and qualifications


I originally gained a Diploma in Integrative Psychosynthesis which I took over a three and a half year period in London.  Integrative Psychosynthesis seeks to look beyond the immediate issue and see the bigger picture of a person's life so they can see what is troubling them in terms of life in its deepest aspects and therefore get in touch with who they truly are.



I then obtained a Master's Degree in Buddhist-inspired psychotherapy  having studied at the Karuna Institute in Devon for two and a half years. An incredibly inspiring period of study.
With this approach, the emphasis is on mindfulness and compassion.


I had a further intensive training for one year in Couples Psychotherapy at CCPE (Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education) in London which was exceptional in its scope and professionalism. I gained their Diploma in Couples Psychotherapy.


I have also undertaken trainings in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Family Systems (Family Constellation Therapy) and Substance Misuse having worked at the Kaleidoscope Centre for drug misuse in Kingston upon Thames, London.

I have understaken a training in Eating Disorders wit hProfessor Julia Buckroyd which was incredibley helpful.


 I have worked with Cancer sufferers in a charity offering counselling to those who need support in what is a most stressful time in their life.



Fees for individual clients is £55 per one hour session.

Fees for couples is £60 per session.

Special rates may apply in certain circumstances of difficulty.

The initial session is free of charge to enable both parties to get a sense of whether they wish to work together.

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