Rayna Denitsova Psychodynamic psychotherapist , W8

I am a fully qualified psychotherapist with experience in clinical and private settings. I practice psychodynamic psychotherapy which means that I am trying, alongside you, to find the underlying cause for your distress. We do this by discussing your experiences, feelings, recurrent dreams and memories.

The current situation has exacerbated many of the pre-existing anxieties and has led to many people feeling depressed and insecure about their future. Some people might have felt stuck with their fears or past choices. Some people might have lost loved ones without any of the previously known ways to deal with their grief. And many young people feel some doors are shutting in front of them and their future is robbed from opportunities to grow and become independent. If you are one of them, you may need a safe space to explore these feelings with a therapist.

There might be many other reasons for feeling anxious or depressed. In my experience this often happens when we feel it is impossible to be our true self in our relationship, family, or in the society in general. Other people might seem judgemental, distant or even cruel and the feeling of loneliness can be excruciating. In such cases it is important to reach out and find someone you can talk to instead of bottling everything up.  

Sometimes new experiences in life affect us in certain ways because of previous traumas. People are often surprised that there is a connection between the way we feel now and our past, but the ways our first love objects have met our needs can have a profound impact on our mental health, self-esteem, and ability to pursue our desires in the present.

I work with anxiety, depression, intimate relationships, codependency, eating disorders, past or current trauma, family issues, and life transitions. My expertise is in loss and bereavement. No matter if you have lost a loved one, ended an intimate relationship, moved to another country or you are full of regrets for a life not lived, we can look into this together and start a journey of understanding and recovery.

To arrange an initial consultation, please email [email protected].london and I will be in touch with you.

Right now, because of the circumstances, I offer sessions via Zoom, but depending on your preferences this can continue or change to in person when things go back to normal. 

Training and qualifications

I have done a rigorous training at WPF Therapy - one of the most established institutions in the UK. I have done a training in Working with 18 to 25 years olds at the Society of Analytical Psychology. I hold a PhD in Cultural Anthropology and have a deep interest in the areas of culture, identity, and narratives that shape out thinking. I'm also interested in creativity and how it can be the best way of expressing one's deepest emotions and conflicts in symbolic form. I'm working with young artists in Royal College of Art and I offer reduced fees for students and artists.


Feel free to contact me to arrange an initial consultation session. There is a fixed fee of £70 for the consultation. If after the consultation we decide to work together, an ongoing fee will be discussed and agreed between us.

Limited number of reduced fee spaces are available for students and the unemployed.

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