Pavlina Safarova: Integrative Counsellor, London, W1W
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Pavlina Safarova

Integrative counsellor
London W1W
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About Me

At our first meeting I will assess your psychological needs and suggest possible ways forward. My experience and training enable me to work with many issues. The key problems I work with are relationship difficulties, abuse and depression. I also work with PTSD and other levels of anxiety disorders, stress, bereavement and work problems. We will explore your issues and related emotions at a pace you manage so that you won't feel overwhelmed.

Processing difficult emotions can help with addictions as well. Addiction can be seen as a self-defence (unconscious) mechanism to protect us from difficult feelings. Therefore being able to access, understand and deal with whatever is "hidden", is a crucial aspect of addiction recovery. (I don't provide detox but a private referral is possible should you need it. I strongly recommend counselling after detox to prevent relapse and to understand the initial cause of the addiction).

I have been working recently as the in-house counsellor for a London based Hedge Fund. The level of stress and pressure is very high and can lead to the Burnt Out Syndrome, among others. Your life can be in such high pace that any additional "life difficulties" can cause havoc. Self-awareness, giving yourself a permission to take care of yourself and the ability to identify and keep your life priorities are very important. Understanding your life, creating your life vision, and implementing a "plan of actions and small changes" can help to achive healthy balance and restore the sense of satisfaction and harmony.


Quite major relief and change can be achieved by addressing some difficult experiences without necessarily remembering them fully or "re-living" them. I will not give you an advice but will fully respect your views and ideas of what might be at the root of current discomfort. I will give you feedback and suggestions based on my education, training and experience. I will help you to realise and deal with difficult emotions. Based on that, we will look together at possible strategies and solutions which work best for you.

Short-term work can provide solutions to rather specific current crisis and long-term work can restore and re-build your sense of self, your experience of good life and addresses deeply rooted patterns of thinking and behaviour that you might not even be conscious of. Your peace, happiness and well-being can be restored as your natural human tendency is to heal and be happy.


Not entirely sure if counselling can work for you? Email me or call me for the one-off session and lets talk it through. Very happy to hear from you.

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19 Nassau Street

Issues often worked with

Cultural issues
Interpersonal relationships

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In person

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£60 per hour

Training and qualifications

Bsc in Psychology

Dipl. Counsellor in Psychosynthesis Counselling

MA in progress

Verified professional membership