Pauline Hannon Psychodynamic psychotherapist , EC4Y

We can all reach moments in our lives when we feel a need to take our problems outside of our immediate circle of family & friends and talk with someone who will listen empathically, without judgement or criticism.

Therapy can offer a calm, safe, supportive, confidential space in which to talk through what is troubling us.

It may be that you are experiencing relationship difficulties, or have been through a significant loss or trauma, perhaps you are aware of not enjoying life due to feelings of anxiety, panic, stress and/or depression and are not quite sure what these relate to.

I am a fully qualified counsellor & psychotherapist with many years experience working with people from diverse social & cultural backgrounds around a wide range of issues.

As a psychodynamic therapist I believe that our emotional difficulties in the present are often linked to significant relationships and events in our early life experience.

By working with a trained professional to explore and understand the underlying causes of our problems we can free ourselves from negative patterns of relating and open up the possibility of change and a way to leading a contented and fulfilling life.

At an initial consultation you can tell me about yourself and have an experience of what it might be like to work with me. 

I offer ongoing therapy arrangements based around your therapeutic needs and what you would like to achieve in your therapy.

Time limited arrangements are usually offered over 12 sessions and are helpful if you would like to work with an agreed focus.

Open-ended arrangements allow more space and time for issues to unfold and to work on things in greater depth.

Therapy sessions take place weekly at a mutually agreed time and last for 50 minutes.

Training and qualifications

I have completed a rigorous 5 year Postgraduate Diploma/MA in Psychodynamic Theory & Practice from WPF Therapy one of the leading training and clinical institutions in the UK.


My fees range from £65 to £85 and are linked to income and ability to pay.

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