Ola Igboaka: Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapist, London, N8
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Ola Igboaka

Hypnotherapy hypnotherapist
London N8
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About Me

Unlike other talking therapies, Rapid Transformational Therapy brings results after 1 session.

It focuses on quickly finding the root cause of your problem, and then takes the necessary steps to address - and ultimately remove it. This can include eliminating subconscious beliefs about yourself that are very often acquired in early childhood: it changes those deep feelings that can be the cause of difficulties in later life. And it produces results quickly!

A single therapy cycle consists of a single two hour - 2.5 hour session, followed by repetitive listening of a personalised 15-20min recording for 21 days that rewires the subconscious mind in the areas that we identify need to be addressed. After that we assess whether further sessions are needed, but very often just one therapy cycle bring a sense of wonderful relief.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) was developed by Marisa Peer in London. Marisa bases her method on over 30 years’ experience and incredible success with treating clients. Marisa has worked with a number of celebrities, Olympic athletes, and even members of the Royal family. I had the privilege to study RTT directly with her.

RTT is a pioneering, multi award winning therapy, combining the most beneficial elements of other well known therapies – hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). It's taking the world by storm and is proven to be incredibly effective, achieving results quickly.

Those who have had RTT often describe it as ‘mind blowing’ and ‘life changing’. For some, the change will occur immediately, while for others it may take a little longer. But the end result is the same - your life is transformed for the better.

This is because this is a therapy that can be used to tackle a broad range of emotional issues that affect the day-to-day, as well as helping those without any specific problems, but are looking to boost performance, improve confidence or quite simply realise their potential. RTT quickly identifies areas in which you could improve and provides support to assist you.



The session lasts for approximately two hours. It opens with a conversation about you. Together we will explore all factors related to your condition, and what you would you like to eliminate. I will get to know you and gain insight into your current life, situation and thoughts. We will also discuss the outcome that you would like to achieve from RTT.


You will be placed under a light hypnosis. Don’t expect anything extraordinary, it is a natural state of relaxed inward focus and should be a calming experience. You will have your eyes closed but you will be totally aware of what is happening and are always in control. You will remember everything afterwards, and if there is something you prefer not to say, that's absolutely fine.


I will guide you to go back to significant experiences from earlier in life that contributed to the present problem. You will be able to uncover scenes and feelings from the past. We will find the root cause of your issue and understand why it has remained with you. We will explore feelings about yourself that started in the past and contributed to the current issue. Then I will use several techniques that will help you remove that issue.

Post-session Recording

The session brings relief and understanding, but to make the effect permanent I will make a special recording just for you. After the session I will put together elements of what came up during hypnosis and create a recording that will rewire some of your unconscious beliefs and replace them with new beneficial thoughts. The transformative recording will be 15 -20 minutes long and you will need to listen to it in a relaxed hypnotic state every day for 21 days after the session. The mind learns by repetition, and listening to the recording will allow it to make new connections, ensuring the new beliefs sink in and get absorbed by the subconscious, permanently.

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Hypnotherapy with Ola
N8 8RU

Issues often worked with

Childhood difficulties
Complex PTSD
Emotional abuse
Performance anxiety
Smoking cessation

Types of therapy


Therapy offered

In person
On video

Client groups




Worldwide over zoom

Zoom sessions are equally effective to live ones

In London in person

North London, Crouch End N8

Central London Bond Street W1


ONE 2-2.5h session

Bespoke recording - after the session I will create a recording based on what came up during your session that you will have to listen to for 21 days. The session is just a half of the process - it brings relief, change and understanding, but you need to listen to a recording to make the change permanent and for the subconscious mind to absorb new content.

Phone consultation on your progress 14 days after the session


Online £159

Crouch End £179

Bond Street £229

How many sessions I need?

RTT works from the very first session. It takes from one to a maximum of three sessions to eliminate one issue, but very often after just a single session, a few other issues improve as they might have the same root cause.


English and Polish

Training and qualifications

Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

Certified Hypnotherapist

Master of Psychology

Member of National Council of Psychotherapist

General Hypnotherapy Register Affiliate

Master of Music


Verified professional membership

General Hypnotherapy Register National Council of Psychotherapists (Counsellors, Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists Only)