Nicole Castellani Integrative psychotherapist , NW6

I have eighteen years experience working as an integrative psychotherapist. I feel that each client is unique, and how I work will be determined by what difficulties you are experiencing at the time. We are all faced with difficult struggles in  our lives, most we work through but some leave us feeling feeling trapped and unable to see a way forward. 

I work holistically and can integrate a variety of tools to help you through your struggle. I will help you to gain  greater self awarness and to live your life more fully. I will encourage you to find a sense of direction and purpose and to devellop positive relationships both with yourself and others.

I also specialise in working with addictions and psychosexual issues, working in a holistic way,  enabling you to work through and understand any sexual difficulties that you may have. I will help you to create healthy relationships both with yourself and others.

I offer short therm therapy as well as working in depth over a longer period of time. My clients come from varying backgrounds, communities and professions ranging in age, gender and ethniticity.

I worked for sixteen years in a treatment centre for addiciton and aquired there a lot of experience working with eating disorders, sexual abuse and depression.

Please do check my website as I work with many issues.

Training and qualifications

Diploma in counselling and Psychotherapy CCPE 1998

Certificate in creative group work IATE 2009

Diploma in Integrative Psychosexual Psychogherapy 2011-2012


for individuals  £60.00

Some concessions may be available during the day so please do check with me

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