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I'm Nicola and I am a clinical hypnotherapist and nutritional therapist. Through my practice I specifically work with those suffering from stress, mental health concerns and the array of symptoms that may accompany this such as low mood, IBS and fatigue.  I also work with those who may be using food as a way to escape certain emotions which can then lead to low self-esteem, weight gain or disordered eating (e.g. bulimia, laxative use, binge eating).

My journey with my health started back in my 20's when I was busy forging a career in media.  However, as I was reaching my 30's I started to suffer with panic attacks and anxiety as a result of an accumulation of events, as well as high stress levels and a poor diet.  That is when I tried hypnotherapy and found that it was a straightforward yet extremely effective way for me to tackle my thoughts and emotions, healing events form the past and being able to move forward.

 Since then, I have trained as a hypnotherapist myself to help others get to the root of their problems, as well as have a healthier relationship with food.  Having been there and got the T-shirt myself I fully understand the daily battles that we can all have with our own minds, and I just love now being able to support others on their journey where they can feel more balanced and back in control.

Training and qualifications

Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy (ICH)

Diploma Nutritional Therapy (CNM)


£75 per session (60 minutes)


Types of therapy:
Hypnotherapy Issues often worked with:
AnxietyDepressionEating disordersPhobias

1 - 3 weeks Therapy offered:
In personOn video Client groups:
IndividualsAdolescents Member organisations:

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