Neil Loffhagen Person-centred/humanistic counsellor , RG42

As a Gender, Sexual and Relationship Therapist, my aim is to help you explore all aspects of your gender, sexuality, sexual desires and relationships. Being LGBTQ+ friendly, I will work positively with you and support whatever your gender and sexuality may be.

We are each unique, so the way we work together will be unique.

My aim is to help you in your journey to discover your potential. I am not here to tell you what to do; that is advice and any change would likely be short-lived. Through self-discovery, a power within can be found which will surprise you and those around you.

I offer full acceptance of who you are, to enable you to fully accept yourself. Once you accept yourself, change can happen. Carl Rogers wrote:

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

Accepting yourself just as you are does not mean you are content to stay as you are. It opens something inside that allows lasting change. You are then able to make the changes you want in your life or gain contentment to be and stay where you are.

As, Brian Thorne, another person-centred therapist, said:

"I have discovered since that love devoid of understanding, although it can bring comfort and solace, can never heal."

My offering is unconditional love and acceptance, combined with understanding to help bring healing and thus change. The overall aim is for you to have no need for a therapist or counsellor. As Brian Thorne also wrote:

"If therapy has been successful, clients will also have learned how to be their own therapist."

It is as though he listened
and such listening as his enfolds us in silence
in which at last we begin to hear
what we are meant to be.

Training and qualifications

Advanced trainee in Diploma in Integrative Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy 

Essentials in Gender And Sexual Diversity Therapy

Certificate in Focusing Skills and Theory for Therapists

Diploma in Person-Centred counselling

BA (Hons) in psychology


The horrible bit - I charge £60 per counselling hour, which is 50 minutes. Same for individuals, couples or groups. We are all unique in what works best for us, so a session can be longer or shorter according to your wishes. This is open for discussion. Costs are then charged pro-rata. Concessions are available for students and others.

Payment can be by cash, cheque, credit or debit card, PayPal or using "mobile to mobile payments".


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