Nayna Patel Person-centred/humanistic psychotherapist , SE1

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How I became a therapist. At a mature age, I embarked on a new journey, from being a company director in IT, head of the doctor’s receptionist where I enjoyed working with many different types of people, helping them and directing them. I decided to become a counsellor/psychotherapist.


When one talks about life’s journey, we are happy to dress it up in front of others. We also try to convince ourselves everything is okay by hiding from the pain it courses. I guess if you’re on this page reading, there’s something inside of you, the unconscious voice shouting out. If you could hear the voice which you are trying to compress, what would it say,:- I want to hide; why did they have to ask me; my life is not worth it; if only I didn’t agree; I wish I could say no.


How can I connect to myself, without feeling anxious or judged? Who’s the person judging? Others or me!


I can help by listening and safely exploring how it makes you feel. We can look at it from a different viewpoint and reconnoitre together what works, understanding the inner conflict that caused the emotion and the physical pain and improving the relationship with self.

Training and qualifications

BACP Accredited Diploma in Counselling/Foundation Degree in Counselling



London Bridge and Kings Cross £65

Waltham Abbey £45

Please note I also provide sessions at a reduced rate. Please contact me for more details.

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