Maria Thompson: EMDR Counselling psychologist, Bristol, Avon, BS9
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Dr Maria Thompson

EMDR counselling psychologist
Bristol, Avon BS9
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About Me

Desideratum Psychological & Counselling Services Ltd

Dr Maria Thompson, BSc (Hons) MSc, Post-MSc, DCounsPsych., CSAccred.(Adv.) CPsychol., AFBPsS.
Consultant Counselling Psychologist| HCPC Registered & BPS Chartered| EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner| RAPPS Registered & Accredited Clinical Supervisor L3 (Advanced)| QCoP Approved Supervisor| Certified CBT-E Practitioner| Foundation of Infant Loss Accredited Practitioner

I assist adults and older adults to reduce distress, improve awareness, connection, functioning and QoL through face-to-face and online counselling and psychological therapy. You can explore and address your concerns safely with session materials to take away for future reference. I offer evidenced approaches. Since 1998 I have worked with many people in their recovery from a range of emotional, behavioural, personality and mental health issues across various settings to Consultant level. Hopefully, I maybe of assistance to you also.
Do you, a relative, a partner, a colleague or employee need to see a Psychologist urgently for a single session, short term therapy (1 - 6 sessions) medium term therapy (6 - 24 sessions) or long term therapy (25 - 156 sessions)? Referrals also accepted from Rehabilitation Services, NHS, Local Authorities, Case Managers, Solicitors & Insurance Clinical Teams.
You are welcome to call or email me to outline the issues and pressures you are managing currently. You can discuss the kind of support you are looking for and find out if I am able to assist you. Then decide whether you would like to attend for a consultation session (usual fee applies) to determine if therapy with Maria is likely to be helpful.
Clinical Experience
I have been working therapeutically with individuals, couples and groups since 1998 in a wide range of settings.  I have extensive clinical experience of providing psychological assessment and treatment for adults, older adults with mental health and forensic histories, that presented with mild, moderate, severe enduring and complex mental, neurological and physical health issues.


I have worked in statutory and non-statutory organisations in the voluntary, public and private sectors.  Her positions have included a University Senior Lecturer, A Consultant / Crisis Services Manager and Head of Psychology within the Female Prison Estate (Medium Secure). I was a psychologist in an Employee Assisted Programme for Council employees and developed an Older Adult domiciliary service whilst practicing in the NHS in Primary and Secondary care (GP surgeries and Older Adult In/Outpatients).  I gained 5.5 years experience as a Consultant Counselling Psychologist within the prison service and within a Low Secure Private Hospital supporting those with complex co-morbid forensic and mental health issues, brain injury and neurodegenerative conditions. I am also experienced in providing staff support, service development, management, supervision and risk assessment.

In December 2013 I entered full-time into Private Practice and receive referrals from businesses, charities, Insurance companies, care co-ordinators, case managers, solicitors, medico-legal and rehabilitation agencies along with self-referrals.  I have worked with a range of trauma related issues such as PTSD, BPD, complex trauma, abuse, dissociation, suicidal ideation/intent, self-harm, brain injury, personality and relationship difficulties. I am frequently asked to assist with low self-esteem, self-hatred, chronic pain, sleep disturbance, loss including infant loss, and adjustment, stress, challenges with workplace bullying, time management and return to work issues, identity and mood issues such as anger, shame, depression, panic and anxiety.  My role involves the completion of clinical assessment, progress and discharge reports, reports for Human Resources, Social Services, Insurers, Employee Assisted Programmes, Rehabilitation Services and Expert Witness reports for civil claims. At least 50% of my caseload involves the assessment and rehabilitative treatment of adults presenting with personality issues, PTSD and complex trauma related symptoms.     
I am accredited with The Foundation of Infant Loss to work with parents that have experienced infant loss in pregnancy or after birth due to termination, miscarriage, stillbirth, sudden infant death syndrome / cot death or accident. 
I hold a current Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Certificate and maintain appropriate Professional Liability Insurance.  DPCS Ltd is also registered and compliant with the confidentiality and data protection requirements of Cyber Essentials, The British Psychological Society, The Health and Care Professions Council, GDPR and The Information Commissioner's Office to maintain the electronic and physical security of sensitive, personal, financial and health related information. 
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First Practice
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Desideratum Psychological & Counselling Services Ltd
Trym Lodge, 1 Henbury Road
Bristol, Avon

Issues often worked with

Interpersonal relationships
Complex PTSD
Emotional abuse
Personality disorders
Suicidal thoughts

Therapy offered

In person
By phone
On video

Client groups



Psychologists can charge up to £250 per hour for consultations and therapy.  Dr Thompson does not provide free consultations or concessionary rates but instead offers a range of affordable options to suit most people.  
  • In Person Individual Therapy £110.00 for 50 minutes
  • In Person Individual Therapy £70.00 for 30 minutes*
  • Online or Telephone Individual Therapy £100.00 for 50 minutes
  • Online or Telephone Individual Therapy £60.00 for 30 minutes*
  • Supervision (Online or Telephone) £100 00 per hour
  • Supervision (In Person) £110.00 per hour

* If for any reason you are unable to engage in the 50 minute meeting.

Register with the practice and book on the online diary at:

I am a recognised psychologist practitioner with the following health insurance providers through Desideratum P&C Services Ltd. I am happy to join others if yours is not listed: AXA PPP Healthcare, AVIVA, Vitality, CIGNA.

Training and qualifications

Counselling Certificates & Counselling Psychology Degrees:
June 1998: Introduction to Counselling Skills & Theory Certificate
June 1999: BTec Professional Development Certificate in Counselling
June 2002: BSc (Hons) Psychology & Social Policy Degree
September 2004: Masters in Counselling Psychology
June 2005: Post-Masters Diploma in Counselling Psychology
December 2010: Doctorate in Counselling Psychology

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Certificates for various issues:

November 2009: CBT for Improving Supervision Skills: Problems and Complexities in Practice

November 2009: An Introduction to Supervision of CBT: Essential Skills

May 2011: CBT for Simplifying Personality Disorder Treatment: New Paradigms in CBT

June 2015: CBT for Physical Illness, Injury, Pain and Trauma

July 2015: Food for Thought: CBT for Eating Disorders

June 2015: CBT for Working with Military Veterans

April 2015: Single Session Integrated CBT

May 2015: Cognitive Therapy for Paranoia

May 2016: CBT for Working with Substance Misuse

September 2017: Trauma: Psychopathology and Treatment

October 2017: CBT Case Formulation

October 2017: CBT for Working with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

November 2017: CBT for New Approaches to Traumatic Grief and Loss

December 2017: Resilience: Prevention and Recovery from Traumatic Damage

November 2018: Supercharging Your CBT Practice: Integrating The Best of DBT, ACT and CFT for Maximum Effect

January 2019: CBT for Couples

May 2019: CBT and Counselling with Autism Spectrum Disorder Clients: a Masterclass with Prof Tony Attwood

May 2020: Problem-Solving Techniques and CBT

May 2020: CBT for Working with Generalised Anxiety Disorder

May 2020: Problem Solving Techniques In CBT

June 2020: Introduction to CBT

June 2020: Integrated CBT For Difficult to Work with Clients (Personality Disorders)

July 2020: CBT for Working with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

July 2020: CBT for Working with Depression

July 2020: CBT for Working with Anger

November 2021: CBT-E for Eating Disorders


Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) Certificates

July 2011: An Introduction to Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

April 2016: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

May 2019: Guiding the Client on a Mindfulness Journey

May 2019: Using DBT Mindfulness Skills to Increase Your Therapeutic Effectiveness

May 2019: DBT Skills Training Group on Emotional Regulation

May 2019: DBT Skills Training Group on Distress Tolerance

October 2019: DBT Skills Training Group on Interpersonal Effectiveness


EMDR Certificates

November 2008: Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) - Stage I

January 2009: Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) - Stage II

March 2009: Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprogramming (EMDR) – Stage III

March 2009: EMDR and Ego State Therapy: Healing Complex Trauma and Dissociation

October 2015: EMDR Refresher/Supervision Day

October 2017: EMDR and Anxiety Disorders

October 2017: EMDR and Complex Trauma

January 2020: EMDR Interventions for Adults with Childhood Insecure Attachment and Detachment Trauma
March 2020: How I Deliver EMDR Therapy Online Using Zoom

March 2020: EMDR Europe Accreditation

April 2020: Using EMDR Online – Answering Your Questions

April 2020: Memory Reconsolidation, The Flash Technique and EMDR

June 2020: EMDR UK Virtual Conference:

-         EMDR In the Treatment of Depression – The DeprEnd Protocol

-         EMDR Therapy in the Treatment of Complex PTSD

-         EMDR 2.0 An Enhanced Version of EMDR?


Additional Psychotherapy Models of Therapy Certificates

April 2016: Motivational Interviewing and Beyond

April 2016: Solution Focused Therapy

April 2018: The Foundation of Infant Loss Accredited Provider Training Course

May 2019: Integrating Schema and CBT Practice: How to Use Powerful Schema Techniques in CBT

November 2019: Compassion Focused Therapy


Psychotherapy Issue Certificates

September 1997: Supporting Bereaved People Culturally

April 1998: Cruse – Understanding Bereavement

April 1999: Emotional Excellence

September 2002: Breaking the Cycle of Depression without Drugs

March 2003: The Impact of Rape and Sexual Abuse

June 2003: Forensic Psychology – The Research Practitioner

September 2003: Relaxation and Visualisation Workshop

2004: Couples Counselling

May 2004: Effective Brief Therapy for Depression

May 2004: Psychology of Perception and the Paranormal

February 2005: The Fast Trauma (PTSD) and Phobia Cure

January 2005: Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Primary Care Training Day in Supervision

May 2005 Psychopharmacology & Therapy: An Uneasy Relationship

May 2005: the 7 Eyed Model – An Introduction to Supervision

August 2005: Attachment Theory

April 2006: Elder Abuse: A Hidden Problem

January 2007: Masterclass on Existential Counselling in Practice by Ernesto Spinelli

April 2008: Cultural Identities and Psychological Therapies

July 2008: Self Harm Awareness Training – Module 1

September 2008: Working Therapeutically with Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse: Issues, Dilemmas and Complexities

August 2008: Sex Workers Support Needs

April 2009: Self Harm Awareness Training – Module 2

May 2009: Working in Emergency Care with People Who Self-Harm

March 2010: Clinical Supervision

July 2011: Building Awareness of Adult Autism

September 2013: Essential Supervision Skills.  BPS Approved Certificate in Clinical Supervision

April 2014: Working Successfully in Private Practice

May 2015: Drugs and Behaviour Course

June 2015: Tackling Addiction: Understanding and Treating All Types of Addictive Behaviour

October 2017: Working with Dissociative Disorders in Clinical Practice

December 2017: Resilience: Prevention and Recovery from Dramatic Damage

December 2017: Christine Sanderson: Managing  Power

June 2018: Brene Brown’s Shame Shields: the armour we used to protect ourselves and why it doesn’t serve us

June 2018: The New Rules of Love: How Couples Are Reinventing Marriage

January 2019: Esther Perel’s transformative approach to couples therapy and action

April 2020: An Integrative Approach to Treating Complex PTSD and Associative Disorders


BPS Accredited MSc Neuropsychology Certificates

March 2012: Stroke And Disorders of Language, Praxis, Perception and Calculation
November 2012: Acquired Brain Injury - Disorders of Attention, Memory and Executive Functioning

November 2012: Neurodegenerative Conditions

February 2018: Neurosciences for Clinical Neuropsychology

February 2018: Epilepsy, Seizures & Sleep Disorders


Additional *Psychometric Testing and Neuropsychology Certificates

February 2005: Psychometric Testing for Counselling Psychologists

May 2005: Psychological Testing and Counselling Psychology

May 2007: Clinical Neuropsychology with Older People

April 2008: Assistant Test User: Occupational

April 2008: Test User: Occupational, Ability (Formerly Level A) 
August 2011: Test User: Occupational, Personality (Formerly Level B Intermediate)  

July 2010: CPD Day for Old Age Psychiatry

July 2010: Stroke Care in the 21st Century

June 2012: Learning to Use the Historical / Clinical / Risk Management–20 (HCR–20) version 2

March 2011: MSc Postgraduate Study in Clinical Neuropsychiatry – Brain Injury

August 2012: Personality Assessment Screener Workshop

August 2012: Personality Assessment Inventory Assessment Workshop

August 2012: Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test Assessment workshop

August 2012: Middlesex Elderly Assessment of Mental State Assessment Workshop

November 2016: Reducing the Burden of Neurobehavioural Disability after Acquired Brain Injury: past, Present and Future

April 2012: An Overview of Huntington’s Disease

September 2012: WAIS-IV Administration and Interpretation Workshop

September 2012: WMS-IV Administration and Interpretation Workshop

November 2012: Encephalitis - An Introduction

January 2020: Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory–IV


Expert Witness Certificates:

May 2005: Writing Court Reports
2008: Master Class Expert Witness Presenting Evidence in Court
April 2014: BPS Becoming An Expert Witness
June 2014: BPS Expert Witness Level 1 Essential Knowledge of being an Expert Witness
June 2014: BPS Expert Witness Level 2 Report Writing 
June 2014: EWI certified Medico-Legal Report Writing in Civil Claims (Core Skills)
July 2014: BPS Expert Witness Level 3 Presenting Court Room Evidence
July 2014: BPS Expert Witness Level 4 Use of Psychometric Assessments for Court

Clinical Supervision Training & Accreditation

1)  Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Primary Care, West Bromwich 2005. NHS Primary Care Supervision.
2)  University of Wolverhampton, 2005. The Seven-Eyed Model – 1 day An introduction to supervision by Robin Shohet
3)  Universities of Birmingham, Coventry and Warwick 2005.  1 day Dealing with Difficulties on Placement.  
4)  Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre, Oxford 2009. 2 days CBT Supervision
5)  University of Wolverhampton, 2010. 2 days CBT/Psychodynamic/Transtheoretical Clinical Supervision.
6)  BPS/DCoP Qualification in Counselling Psychology Approved Supervisor Training, 2012
7)  Essential Supervision Skills, Birmingham, September 2013. 2 days Clinical Supervision
8) Essential Supervision Skills, Online, 2021. 2 days Clinical Supervision (Refresher) leading to RAPPS Registration
9) Essential Supervision Skills Exam 2021 leading to Accreditation in Clinical Supervision Level 2
10) Advanced Supervision Training 2021. 1 day, leading to Accreditation in Clinical Supervision Level 3 - Advanced
BPS/DCoP Qualification in Counselling Psychology (updated Modules 1 & 2) Refresher Supervisor Training, 2021


*the complete psychometric testing portfolio and full list of training providers is available on request.

Continuing Professional Development - various are attended each year.

Verified professional membership