Maria Eve: Integrative Counsellor, Bakewell, DE45
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Maria Eve

Integrative counsellor
Online , Bakewell DE45
Limited availability

About Me

I work in a holistic, creative way and my aim is to work alongside you to find a way that uniquely serves and honours you as an individual. 

At the heart of Psychotherapy is the therapeutic relationship, one that is built on trust, honesty, empathy and confidentiality. I aim to offer you a space to talk and explore issues that are of concern to you, identify parts of yourself that have been rejected and/or denied, and integrate these parts back to bring you into wholeness.

My approach is rooted in talking therapy, which when combined with energy healing offers you an opportunity to connect at a deeper level with your subconscious, to target and release specific blockages that are no longer serving you. 

The Body Code and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) are frequently used in my work. These approaches are excellent for releasing trapped emotions and other trapped energies that can distort your energy field, causing physical and/or emotional/psychological pain.

TFT is a tapping approach that focuses on the meridians, or energy rivers in the body. By tapping on certain points in a specific order relevant to your distress, much like acupuncture, you will be releasing the stuck energy. This approach works on a wide range of presenting issues, including trauma, both simple and complex, phobias, addictions, depression, anxiety, shame, fear and anger amongst others. 

The Body Code is a quantum healing system that, when used with muscle testing, can identify where the energy is blocked and what is preventing it from flowing freely. The Code includes a wide range of areas to explore including 60 emotions, which are often the root cause of blockages, all the body's systems and circuits, muscles and skeletal information, traumas, offensive energies such as saboteurs and a whole section on nutrition and therapies you may need.


This system by-passes the conscious mind to receive answers from the subconscious. The trapped energies are released using magnets and as the treatment works at any distance, you don't have to access therapy in person.

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First Practice
Hall Cottage
DE45 1DL

Issues often worked with

Childhood difficulties
Couple relationships
Emotional abuse
Family estrangement
Family issues
Finding meaning
Men's issues

Therapy offered

In person
On video

Client groups



£65 per session for Holistic Psychotherapy which includes energy Healing.

If you would like to access Body Code or TFT sessions alone you can book 1 session for £75 or £65 for 4 sessions or more as a block booking. 

Training and qualifications

  • MA Psychotherapy
  • Diploma Integrative Counselling
  • Diploma Executive Coaching and Organisational Development
  • Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner
  • Diploma EMDR
  • Diploma Past Life Healing Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma TFT (Thought Field Therapy)
  • Diploma Shadow Work
  • Reiki Master

Verified professional membership