Lucie Andersen-Wood: Integrative Psychotherapist, SG4
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Lucie Andersen-Wood

Integrative psychotherapist
Online , SG4
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About Me

My name is Lucie. I'm a qualified & experienced Counselling Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist. I love the work I do. Some people ask if it's depressing talking to people about problems and emotions all day long. But, in truth, I find it uplifting and rewarding as it is only when someone really wants to make positive changes in their life that they take that first courageous step into therapy. And we talk about more helpful things as well as examining problems and emotions. It's an exciting and hopeful time and it's always a privilege to be part of someone else's journey.

Can't my friends get me through this?

Part of the human condition is that we can all experience suffering, including mental anguish and pain, at different times in our life. When we experience these uncomfortable feelings and thoughts and situations it can be helpful and comforting to talk to a family member or a close friend. But sometimes that is not where we receive the greatest objective, honest and informed support looking at the issues from a broader perspective.

A Psychotherapist or Counselling Psychologist, although compassionate and on your side, is not a family member or a friend This means the therapist will be able to take a more objective stance and be honest with you in a way that family members may find hard or impossible. Often they are the perceived source of the problem! From your point of view it can be reassuring knowing that you are sharing your problems with someone who is trained and experienced in hearing about suffering and so will not be hurt by your information in a way that you might worry if you were telling the same information to family members.

How can psychotherapy or counselling help me?

Counselling and psychotherapy provides a confidential and a non-judgemental place where you can safely explore problems and questions. This can help you clarify your issues rather than staying in a confused tangle of concerns. It can also help you to bring perspective and reframing so that you can see your relationships or personal issues in a totally new way. It can also help you to consider thoughtfully and intelligently what choices and actions might be open to you moving forward. It may help you to unearth skills that you had been unaware of and it can help you to develop a new kind of resilience to weather future storms and challenges.

How can Clinical Hypnotherapy help me?

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you to access part of your mind that are usually hidden to your own awareness - subconscious. You might be someone who has read all the books, been in therapy multiple times and know in theory exactly where your issues stem from. However, unless you are able to connect with your deeper emotional self rather than simply your intellectual self, your efforts at changing how you feel and how you behave may be thwarted. Hypnotherapy and visualisation is especially helpful for anxiety and phobias, confidence and self esteem as well as healing and moving on from relationships.

How can EMDR help me?

Eye movement desensitisation reprocessing or EMDR can help people who have experienced mild, moderate or sever sudden trauma such as physical injury, combat, road traffic accident and sexual assault. It is the treatment of choice within the NHS along with CBT for Post traumatic stress disorder. In addition, it has recently been found by researchers (Dr Laura Purrnell and others) that EMDR can also assist with issues that we might not traditionally think of as traumas but which are experienced by the body as 'mini traumas'. This can include such issues as being criticised or ignored by parents; Being bullied by colleagues, bosses or spouses, repeated disappointments at home or work or with yourself, and even observing a family member experience repeated psychological pain.

How do you work? 

I offer an integrative approach which means I have been trained in and draw upon several different psychological approaches. I use insights from several different modalities according to the needs of each person and in consultation with the person accessing therapy. Although I may challenge your ideas and assumption, or question you and present you with different perspectives or narratives, you are always in charge of your own journey within therapy and I am simply in the privileged position as your companion guide.

I offer single sessions as well offering sessions in blocks of 4 sessions. Further sessions are offered after a review of need and an agreement as to the desired outcomes.

I work with people who are experiencing all kinds of challenges such as:

Anxiety, depression, parent-child difficulties, relationship problems, feeling lost, anger management, divorce, adhd, autism, mid life issues, self esteem, confidence, fears and phobias, dementia, work conflicts.

What professional body do you belong to? 

I operate within the guidelines of the BPS British Psychological Society and the Health Professions Council.

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I also provide my services online.

Issues often worked with

Attachment disorder
Chronic fatigue
Couple relationships
Family issues
Social anxiety

Therapy offered

In person
By phone
On video
By email

Client groups



1 hour Psychotherapy £120 in person/ £80 online

2 hours Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions £240 in person/ £140 online

Reduced rates for blocks of sessions booked in advance:

4 x 1 hr Psychotherapy sessions (4 hours total) £400 in person/ £280 online

4 x 2 hr Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions (8 hours total) £800 in person/ £450 online

If you are not able to afford my rates then I am happy to negotiate a reduced rate according to your situation. Especially during the pandemic, a lot of people are on reduced incomes and I do not think anyone should be excluded from addressing their distress due to financial constraints.

Training and qualifications

BA Linguistics & Language Pathology (Speech Therapy), Reading University, UK

MA Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno, US

MSc Counselling Psychology & Psychotherapy, University of Surrey, UK

Post MSc Dip Counselling Psychology, University of Wolverhampton, UK

C. Psychol. (Chartered Psychologist) registered with Health Professions Council, UK


EMDR Practitioner Level 2, UK

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Randall Churchill Institute, US

LYYD Teacher, US

Journey Dance teacher (apprentice), US

Supervision in Psychotherapy

ADHD in children & adults

Continuing Education/ Personal Development Courses:

Hoffman Quadrinity Process graduate

Insight I,II & III

Attachment relationships & Attachment disorders


The Penningham Process

The Mastery

Inner Bonding

Jack Canfield Success Principles - student

Year of Miracles - student

Teaching/ Research:

Senior Lecturer in Psychology in Department of Psychology of Human Communication, De Montford University, UK

Teacher, University of Birmingham Teacher Education Course in Language Disorders.

Researcher, Institute of Psychiatry, London, UK

Verified professional membership

British Psychological Society HCPC (Counselling Psychologist)