Louise Byrne Cognitive behaviour therapy psychologist in training , SW15

Louise is based in London, UK, and works with a range of private one-to-one clients, both recreational and elite athletes and business professionals. She conducts bespoke workshops and events for a wider audience, especially within teamwork settings.

Being involved in sporting and business organisations gives her the opportunity to apply transferable knowledge across both environments. Her aim for those involved is to foster a new progressive perspective enabling positive change in results. Understanding how to apply psychological techniques related to performance enhancement within sporting and business settings is her speciality. This includes issues such as anxiety performance, managing stress, and confidence.

Her driving force behind her practice is evident throughout her work; providing people the opportunity to learn how to help themselves, with an open and direct practitioner supporting their progress. Fulfilling one's abilities and maintaining momentum for change is the core of her work, aiming to enable positive growth and development. 

Contact Louise for a free, uncommitted initial 30-min consultation to see if her approach can help you or your team: [email protected].

Training and qualifications

Accredited Sport and Exercise Psychologist in Training BPS, MBPsS - British Psychological Society

MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology, University of Roehampton

H. Dip in Psychology, DBS, Ireland


30-min initial consultation - Free

One-to-one session - £80

One-to-one session minor - £60

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