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During the coronavirus emergency I am working remotely (Zoom, other on-line platforms, and phone), and in order to offer wider support in these challenging times, I can offer greater flexibility in relation to reduced fees to those from low-income households or experiencing financial hardship. Please contact me: [email protected] or 07864 292599 or find further information on my website at: www.mindfulnesstherapy.co.uk


I imagine you may be reading this because you’re struggling with something at the moment – perhaps feeling stuck, or with a vague underlying sense of unease. Maybe you’re facing a particular life crisis or dealing with ongoing challenges, and feeling in need of support. Or perhaps you recognise there are unhelpful patterns which recur in your life – that you need help to understand these better and find ways of shifting them.

Although it can feel daunting, many people experience relief through booking an initial appointment where they can experience simply being heard in a non-judgemental space where they can start to feel less overwhelmed, not so alone with difficulties.

Mindfulness-based and Compassion Focused Therapeutic Counselling with Lokadhī

It’s important that the therapist you choose has a flexible, individual approach which meets your changing needs within a growing therapeutic relationship: someone with whom you can feel relaxed and develop a relationship of trust. I hope that what I have to say here, and on my own website: www.mindfulnesstherapy.co.uk – will help you decide whether we might work together.

The regular weekly sessions are yours, for you to go at your own particular pace and choose what to talk about. To find your way. I will bring empathy, together with depth of experience, to support you in exploring and understanding what is happening for you. We all hold within us, I believe, the potential to become who we truly are, to move towards greater self-acceptance. Together we can find the most appropriate way for you to move through things that feel confusing or insoluble, and find a sense of meaning.

You may need to understand and explore past experiences that continue to influence unhelpful patterns in the present. Or you may find it useful simply to engage fully in the present moment, without getting caught up in trying to rationalise your responses. In counselling and psychotherapy these two approaches can complement one another – offering the opportunity to become more yourself; more open to your experience, whatever it may be.

I have something distinct to offer …

As one of very few people with specific training in both mindfulness-based and compassion-focused approaches, bringing warmth and thoughtfulness to one-to-one therapy or counselling, as well as group work.

My approach to therapy/counselling is integrative, drawing on awareness of the body, and explores how unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour can be recognised and changed, how you can move towards leading a more calm and fulfilling life.

Depending on what is appropriate for you at any particular time, I might introduce metaphor and symbolism, poetry, guided imagery or meditation, work with direct reference to the body or with dreams. Equally, I might include psycho-educational tools or a specific theoretical framework to help you relate to your experience from a more explicitly cognitive framework. I recognise the importance of a holistic approach which embraces creativity, and understand from my own experience how painful it can be to lose sight of the value of humour or be out of touch with perspective. We work together to create a context for your own understandings and growth.

My ethos and how I work …

To establish a regularity and momentum to our work together, I offer regular weekly face-to-face 50-minute sessions at the same time and on the same day of the week. I ask you to commit to this, particularly in the early stages of developing the therapeutic relationship. Whilst the coronavirus restrictions are in place and I am working on-line, and may be able to offer some modifications to this way of working, depending on your specific circumstances.

I offer therapy or psychotherapeutic counselling to those willing and ready to work at psychological depth on an open-ended basis; and counselling to clients wanting to explore a specific issue or looking for short-term (time-limited), focused sessions.

Essential to whatever approach we take is that the relationship is based on trust – a sense that whatever you want to bring to your appointment will be received non-judgementally and with empathy.

Our initial appointment will be a chance to discuss what brings you to therapy. By the end of that time you may feel ready to commit to a series of sessions, or you might want some time to think things through further.

About me:

My own journey of self-exploration grew from a sense of dissatisfaction with the way I was responding to my life – a recognition that I was unhappy. Inspired by the patience and kindness of meditation teachers and therapists who helped me through my own emotional pain, I’ve combined mindfulness, self-compassion and psychosynthesis in my work. I have taught mindfulness and self-compassion for nearly 20 years and have practised as a therapist for well over a decade.

My name, Lokadhī, (pronounced “Low-ka-dhee”, with the emphasis on the first and last syllables) is Buddhist and has various meanings in Sanskrit, including “She who understands the world (or suffering); she who is moving towards the realm of wisdom.”

My background is as an artist and curator, and in the City of London where I had a career in the accountancy profession (recruitment, training, management development) and in consultancy. I have worked in the voluntary sector and run my own business.

Creativity and the arts are important aspects of my life. When I can, I spend time in wild, open spaces, especially amongst mountains.


Training and qualifications

Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Qualifications, training and regulation:

Following several years’ training, I have postgraduate diplomas in Psychosynthesis Counselling and in Mindfulness-Based Approaches. I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the Mindfulness Network, whose ethical and professional codes I observe; I am qualified in the Breathworks Mindfulness approach to managing chronic pain and illness.

I am regularly supervised by experienced Psychosynthesis-trained and mindfulness practitioners, and maintain continuing professional development through frequent training courses and meditation retreats.

I have supervised and trained mindfulness teachers for a number of years as well as supervising therapists and counsellors.


City Therapy Rooms
in Holborn: £75-95 a session, depending on time of day

Barnsbury Therapy Rooms (Islington)
in Highbury/Islington: £70-£90 for each session, depending on time of day

On-line:  £70-£95 for each session, depending on time of day 

Low-cost/concessionary rates
I have a limited number of low-cost places (sliding scale) at off-peak hours for students and those from low-income households, and in order to offer wider support during the coronavirus emergency, I can offer greater flexibility where financial hardship is a concern.

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