Kate Anna Jewson Hypnotherapy counsellor , OX12

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I am an experienced hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and counsellor so I can adapt sessions according to client's needs. I feel passionately about helping move clients forward in a comfortable way to achieve their goals. I sometimes work with analysis of deeper issues yet find solution focused hypnotherapy helps bring about the positve changes that clients want in a quicker and more effective way. My philosophy is that we open the door behind to look back when necessary, learn to cope and be more relaxed where we are and most importantly, open the door ahead, stepping forward towards where we want to be. Sometimes the first session can be the biggest relief to someone, realising that they are normal and are not judged, knowing that there is hope and that things can and will change and improve. I explain some of the neurological reasons why we think, feel and behave a certain way when we are stressed, which can be a huge relief for clients to understand. I work with a wide variety of issues ranging from anxiety, depression, anger, weight, pain, bereavement, addictions, negative habits to hormonal changes. I particularly love working with low self-esteem and helping people to feel happy within themselves again. Helping people to improve their communication skills and relationships is very satisfying. I also enjoy helping people to overcome fears and phobias. It is wonderful to receive an email from someone who is enjoying their holiday abroad after years of avoiding flying. There is very little that I have not heard and sometimes people just need to be listened to before they move forward. Everyone deserves happiness and progress in their lives and it is a privilege to be allowed to help people confidentially achieve the changes and acceptance they need in a safe yet effective environment. 

Training and qualifications

BA (Hons), DHC (UK), HPD

Additional training in CBT, Mindfulness, Pain, Neuroimmunology and PTSD

also a member of Afsfh and NCH



Childrey/Oxford rates 

£30/35 Initial consultation 50-60 mins

£60/65 Therapy session 50-60 mins 

£120/130 smoking one off double session

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