Julia Conklin Psychodynamic psychotherapist , WC1V

I am an experienced, professionally qualified and registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist working with adults in London Bridge, Holborn, Oxford Circus and Rye, East Sussex.  I work full-time in Private Practise.  


Many people feel they are ‘not right' and don’t know why.

Are you struggling to cope?

Do you suffer from anxiety, stress, sadness or depression?

Is there a problem in your relationship you would like to understand and deal with? 

Perhaps it's family or friends who feel challenging?

Do you struggle with who you are, your identity, your image, your body, your sexuality, your culture, race, ethnicity, your heritage or your age?  

Do you find it hard to get ahead at work?

Is there a way you behave that you would like to change?

Have you lost someone you love?  

Are you bereft, separated, isolated?  

Do you feel you’ve never been close enough to others?

Have you suffered a traumatic experience?


No matter what your personal struggle is, Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you to a greater mastery of yourself and relief from your symptoms.  With fresh insight, we gain power over the feelings that once held us hostage.


Why Psychodynamic Therapy?

For the best chance of insight and permanent change, psychodynamic therapy is my preferred choice.  It works to achieve maximum change in the individual.

The focus of this therapy goes to the deepest levels of the self, where the most powerful healing can occur.  By exploring your thoughts and feelings about the challenges you are facing we can together begin to make sense of your distress.  We can think together about how your past has shaped the person you are today and we can turn your vulnerabilities into strengths to make you a more robust, healthy and happy human being for your future.

Some people work with me for short periods of time and some stay with me for many years.  Everyone is different.


Professional Standards:

I follow a set of ethical standards set by my governing bodies, the British Psychoanalytic Council and the UKCP.  I have clinical supervision and have full professional liability insurances.  I regularly continue with my professional development.


Getting started:

Please email me or phone me and leave a message if I can't answer.  Let me know when a good time to make contact would be.  We can talk on the phone and then if you feel comfortable, we can arrange a time to meet.   At our initial meeting we can discuss together whether you would like to begin the collaborative process of finding ways to think, feel and talk about your distress.  Therapy is a joint venture into getting to know you more deeply, in order to gain insight, then understanding and then to have the power to change and heal. 


I will create a safe, open and non-judgemental space for you.  Our sessions are held in comfortable and private rooms and are strictly confidential.  


 I am also a service provider for Axa PPP, Aviva and other medical insurers.


Training and qualifications

BSc. Psychology, 1st class Hons, Bristol University.

Adv.Dipl.Psychotherapy Theory and Practice, WPF Therapy and Roehampton University

Certificate in Counselling Skills, WPF Therapy and Roehampton University.


I aim to provide affordable therapy for those that seek it.  In order to help more people, I operate a sliding scale of fees depending on your affordability, the session time and place.  As a guide, fees tend to average between £55 and £95 a session.  Fees will be discussed between us before an ongoing commitment is made.  My initial consultation fee is £75.



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