Helena Silver: Hypnotherapy Therapist, SOUTHAMPTON, SO14
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Helena Silver

Hypnotherapy therapist
Has availability

About Me

I'm a fully qualified solution focused hypnotherapist and BWRT practitioner with a background working in mental heath and support.

I chose to specialise in solution focused hypnotherapy because it doesn't focus on people's problems but on what they want to achieve, their dreams and aspirations, so it bypasses those pesky fears and insecurities that hold us back from what we want in life. When we focus on our problems and past issues, this tends to make things worse, it can increase our anxiety and can create even more problems. By focusing on solutions instead, where we would like to be, this enables us to make more effective and long lasting changes. It is also a relaxing and enjoyable experience. In fact my clients leave relaxed, energised and transformed, never having touched the box of tissues. And we have fun too! Who wouldn't want a job like that?  

I use a blend of solution focused brief therapy, positive psychology, CBT, NLP and hypnosis, as well as an understanding of neuroscience and physiology. I may also use aspects of meditation and mindfulness, and sometimes throw in a bit of philosophy too - just for fun.

At our initial meeting (which is always free), we discuss how I can help you and what you would like to achieve. I explain how the brain and our physiology can create anxiety, depression, OCD, addiction, habits etc, and how we can overcome them. I will also give you a hypnotic relaxation recording to listen to each night which helps the process enormously. We don’t do any hypnosis or other work in the first meeting, it’s a chance for you to find out whether you feel comfortable working with me, and whether my approach is right for you. However most clients find things start to shift for them even after this initial meeting.

If you decide to go ahead, in subsequent sessions we spend about half our session discussing how you would like to take things forward, and then we use hypnosis to reinforce neural learning. You effectively change your brain 'wiring' from negative thought patterns to positive ones over the period of a few weeks.  This is why it is such a successful technique.

The hypnosis itself is very light, more like a guided relaxation or meditation. Research shows that deep hypnosis is no more therapeutically effective than light. And everyone can achieve light hypnosis, we do it many times a day, when we are driving, watching TV, or when we focus on a book or game. 

A course of solution focused hypnotherapy will last you a lifetime. It is real brain training. Not only will you train your brain to think in a different and more helpful way, and skip over those obstacles currently holding you back, but you will learn various tools and techniques to maintain your wellbeing long after your sessions with me have finished.  It is a true investment in yourself.

Average number of sessions required:

Anxiety            6-10 sessions

Depression       10-12+ sessions

The number of sessions will vary from person to person and depends on your own attitude and level of commitment. Clients who listen to recordings daily and fully engage in the process see results very quickly.


I also offer BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® (BWRT) which is a new and exciting therapy, it is also solution-focused and based on neuroscience.

BWRT is hugely powerful and effective and can often work in one or two sessions, rarely requiring more than 3 or 4 sessions for a single issue. And the results are usually permanent! It is very effective for anxiety, phobias, traumas, self-esteem, insecurities, depression, addictions and a host of other issues. And it can be carried out content-free, meaning there is no need to tell me any of the details of the problem. All I need to know is that you have a feeling or behaviour that you want to change, and that you have an idea about how you would prefer to respond.

BWRT also works well by Skype, Zoom or similar, and I'm finding it the quickest and most effective therapy to help clients cope with Covid 19 issues.

I also use IEMT, Integral Eye Movement Therapy, to quickly release unwanted feelings, thoughts and emotions, and to bring balance to how you feel about yourself. And I use OldPain2Go to help you reduce or even remove old chronic pain messages.


My normal clinic hours are Tue-Fri 10am - 8pm. If you need a later evening or a weekend appointment please contact me.

Please arrive promptly, I may have appointments booked before and after yours so if you are late the length of the session will be reduced, and if you are more than 5 minutes early please be aware that there is no waiting room and I might still be with the previous client.

Many thanks for reading this far. If you would like a bit of a chat before booking, please contact me and leave your phone number and I will call you as soon as possible. I look forward to helping you to live the life you want.

If you'd like to find out a little more about me, see my website www.helenasilver.co.uk or find me on my Facebook page - Helena Silver Hypnotherapy.

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Helena Silver Hypnotherapy
SO14 6TR

Issues often worked with

Social communication
Chronic fatigue
Health anxiety

Therapy offered

In person
By phone
On video

Client groups



Initial consultation (approx 20 mins)      free

Standard session  (approx 1 hour)         £75

Extended session (per extra 30 mins)    £35

Concessions available for full time students, NHS & Forces, block bookings (£10 discount). 

For those experiencing financial hardship I have a "pay-what-you-can" place. Please don't hesitate to contact me to find out more.

Training and qualifications

BA(Hons) Psychology & Philosophy

Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Level 1 Brainworking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) - General Psychpathology

Level 2 BWRT - Psychology of Identity and Behaviour

BWRT Defusing Depression

BWRT Abolishing Anxiety

IEMT Integral Eye Movement Therapy 

OldPain2Go Practitioner

MAP Method Therapy and Coaching Practitioner

Verified professional membership

Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy