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I specialise in therapy for anxiety, depression, low self esteem and eating issues.  As an experienced therapist, I have helped many people overcome their emotional difficulties enabling them to live a fuller life. I am a BACP Registered Psychotherapist.

Anxiety, Depression and Low Self Esteem

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression or low self esteem, I can help you gain a deeper understanding of what is causing these difficulties and teach you techniques to help relieve your symptoms.  You may want to start with a short course of therapy and address some specific emotional issues.  Following on from this you decide to stay for a longer period of time to work on the deeper issues that are causing your distress.  

My style of therapy is integrative, which means I work with many different theories and techniques and I tailor the therapy for each client depending on their needs.

Struggles with Eating and Weight Loss

I have also set up a specialist therapy centre, Weight Loss Psychotherapy, to offer specialised support for anyone struggling with their eating.  Many people turn to food, either eating too much, eating the wrong things; or they find they are very stressed by their eating patterns.  This can lead to being overweight or unhealthy and constantly thinking about what they should be eating.  So if you are over weight, have struggled with diets all your life, or find you are often stressed over food choices, why not try exploring your eating from an emotional view point.  You will learn about your triggers and useful techniques to over come your issues.

I offer short term or long term therapy, workshops and food diary analysis.

For more information see www.weightlosspsychotherapy.com


What Next?

For both my services, I offer a free 30 min phone consultation to help you get a better understanding of how I work.  

Please call on 0207 871 3036.

Or email me directly on [email protected]

Training and qualifications

MA Psychotherapy and Counselling - Regents University, London

Foundation course in Psychotherapy and Counselling - Regents University, London

Ongoing training in Eating Disorders



North London         £85

Skype                       £85

Central London      £115

Types of therapy:
Integrative Cognitive behaviour therapy Issues often worked with:
Eating disordersDepressionAnxiety

In less than a week Therapy offered:
In personOn video Client groups:
IndividualsAdolescents Member organisations:

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