Gratiela Rosu: Person-centred/humanistic Psychotherapist, London, W5
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Gratiela Rosu

Person-centred/humanistic psychotherapist
Online , London W5
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About Me

Lived experience, 30 years of research, 12 years of international private practice and NHS work have provided me with a unique understanding and skill to be able to help people struggling with the most complex situations.

Because I was myself in dire need of help in the past and I know how disappointed I've been by those proposing to know what they are doing, I take my clients and my work very seriously. In fact, it is because of that disappointment that I've became a therapist.


I don't work on sessions, I work on results. To achieve them there has to be an equally high level of commitment from both parts and the willingness from yours to do the work required in between sessions. Without your serious investment in the process there is no method that could address the issue.

I don't work with people who want to try this or that method. If you are serious about improving your situation, I can help, and fast. If you have doubts and want to try many therapists and different forms before you make your mind up, I cannot.

I am as warm and empathic as a lifetime of challenges renders one. I am a mother, a friend, a guide, but I won't be afraid to give you a healthy dose of tough love if that's what you need to get you going. So, if you expect fluffy conversations where you empty your bile without commitment to see and improve your dark side, then I'm definitely not the therapist for you.

If you are parents and seek counselling for children or teens, I will ask first to work with you to understand the family dynamics before I see the child.

If you want to address marital or relationships issues, I will ask to see both parties. Otherwise it won't work.

If you are a man and feel uncomfortable to open up about your deepest issues, especially in front of a woman therapist, I've dealt with all classes and many backgrounds - from builders, bakers, teachers, to university professors, psychiatrists and multi millionaires of all ages. I find it easier to work with you than with women. You are harder to break open, but once you do there is no stopping you from getting the results. Us, women, are easier to open up, but as soon as we are faced with our own part in the matter, we tend to run away, hide behind excuses and silly blame games.

As you could see, I'm raw, honest, and determined to remain true to my values, and I will ask the same from you.


How will we proceed

1. After contacting me with a brief description of your issues for which you seek help, including your desired day, date, and hour, I will try to accommodate as much as I can, and if I have availability on that date and hour, we proceed to the booking of your first session. If not we will choose one of a mutual convenience.

From experience one hour is never enough, so I suggest you book at least 2 hours for the first session.

1 hour standard fee is £85, 2 hours £130.

2. If after the first session we both decide to continue, I will provide you with a programme outline: number of hours required for your situation, methods employed to get the results, activities required, etc. and the programme's costs.

For minor conditions you should consider a minimum of 40 hours (sessions of 3-4 hours), for major conditions 120 hours of intensive work with sessions between 3-5 hours, with support in between sessions by email, text and phone. You will be given home assignments which you have to return one day before the next session. Failure from your part to complete the work required on repeated occasions puts and end to your programme. That because I take seriously my work and my time as well as your time and your money. 

I helped clients let down by other therapies and forms of treatment recover from 20+ years of depression with 14 psychotropic drugs per day - in 12 weeks. 

I like to take on challenging cases where other approaches have failed and turn them into life-changing breakthroughs. 

Examples of success cases:

Successfully treated : relationships problems, psychological trauma, childhood abuse, divorce, addictions, eating disorders, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, OCD, PTSD, personality disorders, psychosis, emotional fragility, burnout, infertility, parental alienation. 

I'm always on the lookout for the next challenging case, very interested in working with people identifying as being on a spectrum of autism/Aspergers, introverts, highly creative individuals having unexplained or "weird" experiences that they are afraid to disclose. 

I am the author of 5 self-help books, multiple articles in three languages, and several videos.

For more information about my work just Google my name or visit my website

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side,


Gratiela Rosu LLB.PsyT.M.H.C.

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First Practice
Gratiela Rosu - CWS Mental Health
Flat 3, 27 Gordon Road
Greater London
W5 2AD

Issues often worked with

Bipolar disorder
Couple relationships
Emotional abuse
Finding meaning
Personality disorders

Therapy offered

In person
On video
By email

Client groups



Initial 1 hr. session £85/h with reduction upon proof to students and unemployed individuals wishing to return to work.

Training and qualifications


            1. 1.     Psychotherapy

              2.     Integrative, Couples & Spiritual Counselling

              3.     Mental Health Coaching 

              4.     Third Wave Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

              5.     Positive Symptom Intervention Therapy©

              6.     Mindfulness-based psychotherapeutic interventions

              7.     Master Hypnotherapist



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