Gareth Strangemore-Jones Nctj, Msc(Cpa), Ffse, Pg Dip (Education), Pgce, Dhp, Dsfh, Dmh, Afsfh, Nch Solution-focused therapy hypnotherapist , CF64

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About me

I am Gareth Strangemore-Jones NCTJ, MSC (CPA), FFSE, PG Dip (Education), PGCE, DHP, DSFH, DMH, AfSFH, NCH and I am a partner in The Penarth Practice. I specialise in Medical Hypnotherapy and Clinical Solution Focused Psychotherapy and am registered with the NCH (National Hypnotherapy Council) and AfSFH (Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists).

I am passionate about my work and really enjoy helping people to get 'back on track' and to stay on track. I utilise my advanced knowledge of the brain (neuroscience) to help individuals and groups to understand how the mind works, which is the first step towards taking back control of our everyday lives, our emotions and our physical and mental wellbeing.

The Therapy Techniques I Use

My unique expertise in Medical Hypnotherapy uses the beautiful and natural state of mind, 'trance', to induce a special, deep relaxation, which then encourages the mind to unlock negative patterns of thought and behaviour. This speeds up the process enormously and is thoroughly enjoyable. I also combine Clinical Psychotherapy (the talking element of the therapy) to nurture and guide clients in finding solutions to solve their problems.

What Clients Experience and How They Benefit From The Process

The whole process is gentle, enjoyable and is about rediscovering the 'real' you! Letting go of the past and moving forward positively is the focus and underlying goal, whatever the issues or problems that you may present during the initial consultation.

What to Expect in your First Session

This session will enable me to get to know you and understand what difficulties you have been going through. This helps me to plan a positive route forward and form a therapeutic alliance with you. During this session I will help you to understand why you have been suffering in these negative ways by understanding how your mind works. I will be guide you through your following sessions, which will support you as you find solutions to turn things around.

Who I Can Help

I am highly trained and experienced in facilitating recovery from a vast range of issues. If you are suffering from stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, anger, bereavement, relationship difficulties, self-esteem and confidence problems, problems with sleep or any other issues, I can help! I also offer solution focused hypno-birthing courses.

Training and qualifications

My Advanced Skills, Training, Qualifications & Experience

The very best bits of Solution Focused Brief therapy (SFBT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBHT), Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Mindfulness are included in my practice's therapeutic toolkit.

Brain based therapy is communicated in simple terms so that you will understand and can benefit from this amazing knowledge of your mind! Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Psychoneuroimmunology, wow the latest medical science is so exciting and so useful for us all to be able to live happily and cope well in this complex modern world. Strategies and practical ideas will also help you to 'change' for the better.

I trained at CPHT (The Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training College in Bristol), with the eminent and world renowned pioneer of this highly-effective therapy, David Newton, DHP, FAPHP, MNCH, MNCP, SHS, SQHP, Sup Hyp and Susan Rodrigues DHP, LHS, LNCP, MNCH, (lic) MAPHP. The Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training College is recognised by the British Government and by national and international academia as the world's leading-edge training centre of excellence in Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I have been awarded the 'Gold Standard' DHP (Diploma in Hypnotherapy Practice) as verified by the NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy) from CPHT. I undertake regular Supervision and a range of Advanced Career Professional Development courses. I was among the first to qualify with an extra Diploma in Medical Hypnotherapy from CPHT, enabling me to work in a medical environment. I have worked with Marie Curie Cancer Care with patients undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy as well as end-of-life Palliative care patients. I also help the families, loved ones and carers of cancer patients through the issues and challenges that may arise.

I have enjoyed an eclectic background in PR, marketing, writing, teaching and holistic therapy, which has given me a very wide experience and understanding of people and varying lifestyles.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Medical Hypnotherapy including needle phobia, emetophobia, palliative care and bereavement, helping people undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


Fees and Numbers of Sessions

One-to-one sessions are £65 and are held at our private clinic in Penarth or by Zoom, Skype and by telephone. I also work with couples, families and groups (fees will vary accordingly).

The process begins with an Initial Consultation, which takes up to an hour and a half. Subsequent one-to-one, one hour sessions are generally weekly initially and then may open up to fortnightly and then monthly until you feel that you have reached your desired therapeutic goal. Clients often choose to continue monthly sessions as they feel it benefits them enormously in a coaching or supportive sense.

It is difficult to be precise about the number of sessions required but generally:

Smoking Cessation is a one-off 3 hour session

Phobias between 4 and 6 sessions

Hypno-Birthing 4 weekly sessions followed by monthly top ups till the birth

Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Anger can take an average of 10, 11, 12 sessions and sometimes longer. The more you are able to focus on the process, participate in the home lifestyle shifts, the quicker the results. I facilitate the process but it is vital for you to want to change and be on board with this exciting journey.

Weekly sessions are bridged with the use of a bespoke MP3 or CD, which induces better quality sleep and encourages the mind to continue to absorb and 'work' on matters covered within the sessions.

Education, Sport & Performance, Corporate Training

We, at The Penarth Practice also provide workshops and training sessions in education with staff, students and pupils, with sportspeople and performers and in the corporate sector. All our work focuses on overcoming difficulties and creating confidence, self-esteem, success and happiness.

I am DBS / CRB checked and certified to work with children under 16, adults with mental health and learning difficulties, older people and others who may be considered vulnerable.

Further information


Life can always be better! We, at The Penarth Practice offer hope and a steadfast, tried and tested pathway to success. Our passion, integrity and personal experience in the success of this beautiful therapy drives our practice.  All your need to do is want change, follow the formula and enjoy the journey.


"I have been enjoying many physical and psychological benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy with Gareth for several weeks now. His positive attitude and honest approach creates a great rapport resulting in trust, essential for a very relaxing experience. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him!" (Alan, Cardiff)

Parking. Public Transport & Mobility Access

The Penarth Practice's clinic is within easy access from bus and train public transport links. It is very near to therapeutic walks, cliff-tops and beach scenery and the Victorian town centre. The clinic is ground floor, has easy access and provision for those with mobility issues.

There is plenty of parking on the driveway and opposite the building.


Mondays to Fridays 8am till 7pm subject to availability.

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