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Sometimes in life we can be surrounded by people yet feel so alone. When speaking with friends and family you may feel they are not really listening, not realizing they are advising, lecturing or even competing with your problems. Depression, stress and low self esteem can often make you feel invisible but these feelings are not permanent. Living with shame, anger, fear or sadness can leave you in a dark fog, struggling to find your way through. With help and support your journey may become clearer. I would like to offer you time where you can talk, not feel judged, a place that is safe and confidential and where you are valued.
Your initial assessment will be £40. Sessions will be 50 minutes long. I also offer student discount.
Prices will be ammended for each individual person during this uncertain time and effects of Covid 19.
My style of counselling is to work with the past, present and future, I believe that it is all linked. Patterns of behaviour that we have learnt through life can have an impact on our thoughts and emotions.
We may hold onto things from our childhood like 'blame' or feelings of abandonment, they can lay deep within and pushed aside. Sometimes we feel angry, sad or intimidated yet cannot put our finger on why? By looking at our past we make links into how we are today and our reactions to certain people and situations.
We are still seeing a rise in male depression and anxiety, I offer a relaxed style of counselling to help men feel comfortable to speak without feeling judged. If you are nervous please call and we can discuss that before we meet.

Training and qualifications

Qualifications and Training

level 4 counselling

Life coaching


Anxiety and GAD

Panic attacks



Prices will be ammened to suit each individual person during this uncertain time and effects of Covid 19

£30 -£70

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